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If there is one thing we have in abundance right now, it’s time. Which is actually an opportunity, depending on how you look at it. What kind of opportunity? Well, it’s a chance to spend some time with your partner or do some activities around the house. Or, you can start chipping at a long list of things that you may have pending. You know what I’m talking about (When was the last time you reviewed your passwords?). And if you don’t know where to begin – we have a bunch of lists that will help you get started. Scroll on to see how you can get things under control with organisation checklists.

To make things easier, we broke tasks that we postpone into 5 categories. Each category deals with a specific aspect of your life. So are you ready to get things under control?

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First up is Paperwork. I literally felt you groaning right now. It’s something we all have to do and never actually want to do. But, if you work at it bit by bit, you’ll see its actually a molehill instead of a mountain.

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Next, we have our digital clutter. I’m talking about backups and cleanups with this category. So, you can sidestep situations where your photos have gone missing. Or your inbox is cluttered with newsletters.

Getting personal things under control by reorganising your belongings. Organisational checklist for personal life | The Craftables Checklists

Third, deals with organising your personal property. You literally don’t have any excuses for having your clothes on the chair. Sort through everything you own and see what sparks joy and what doesn’t.

Make a bin bag to clear your life and home | declutter and destress | The Craftables organisation Checklist

This next one is my absolute favourite. I read about the Bin Bag on another blog some time ago. And it’s transformed the way I clean up. Your home will literally feel lighter once you’re done with this.

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Don’t stop now! You’re at the home stretch! This last checklist is for the things piled up at home. Clean the freezer of old food, toss old and expired medicines and sort out the good linen.

Now, I know this is a lot to do. But whose saying do it all in one day? Divide and conquer the lists as and when you like, maybe involve your family too?

Let us know which organisation list you are looking forward to tackling in the comments below! And if you do download and use them, please take a screenshot and send it to us, we would love to know these checklists helped. Have a great day and stay safe!