gift wrap a tieTies, lets face it, are among the most common gifts we give. And to be honest, I don’t agree with most people when they say, ties are unimaginative and throwaway gifts. If some thought is put into it, ties can be a memorable and useful gifts. Gifts anyone would cherish. How do you do that? We made a list that helps choose the perfect tie and a better way to gift warp a tie!

1. What’s the occasion?

You may be surprised, but good ties are expensive. So expensive that you will hardly ever give it without any reason at all. At such a time, it is important that the gift you give is appropriate to the occasion. For example, if you’re giving someone a tie on a 40th birthday, you will want to give a elegant silk tie. Instead of a wool or cotton one.

2. Who are you giving the tie too?

As important as it is to like the cravat, it’s more important to see who you are giving the tie too. People usually know what they do or do not like. Here, it’s best to anticipate what your giftee would appreciate. Even though you may like a tie with cartoons on it, your boss may not find it interesting.

3. What’s your aim in gifting a tie?

Though this sounds like a heavy question, it’s not really. What we mean is, are you aiming to impress or are you giving something useful or are you creating a memory. Take for instance, Father’s Day, where I have given ties to my father on multiple occasions. Sometimes, I would pick out the funniest looking ties, which haven’t been worn often. But, are great memories. On the other hand, I have bought ties he could wear to office, matching his suits. And these are extremely useful.

4. What’s the style and design?

Lastly, once you have a rough idea of why you are giving the tie, it’s time to actually pick the one you want. This means, deciding the color, design, style, pattern and material. An easy way to decide these criteria, is to observe what the person usually wears. This reduces the chances of the tie misfiring a lot.

Once the tie is ready, it’s time to gift wrap the tie and give your carefully thought out present. Unfortunately, it’s always awkward to pack ties right.  A good alternate, is to make a packet from them in 5 minutes. All you need is paper, scissors and glue. Here’s how this simple gift wrapping tie guide can help you!

tie gift wrapping

Lay the paper inside out & fold 1 cm from the edge inside. Next fold the sheet in half and stick the 1cm of folded paper to the inside of your sheet.

gift wrapper for tieTake the folded portion of the paper and fold it upwards (1-2 cms). This will create a crease on the paper, about a cm above the line where the fold meets the sheet. Repeat this on the other side of the sheet. You should have 4 creased lines.

On the edges, fold the two edges closest inwards. This will create a fold in the paper. Repeat this on the other side, as well.

make tie gift wrapTake one of the edges and fold them in about 1.5 cm. Crease the line at the fold and snip of the edges of the folded paper.

Cut off one of the longer sheets in the fold and paste the other edge of the paper, to the sheet.

making the tie envelopeFold 1.5 cm of the other side of the packet and crease the line.

Snip of the edges and cut off one of the longer sheets in the fold. Insert the tie and paste the flap.

gift wrapping tieThis way you’ve created a simple, but well fitted gift wrap for a tie. And it took no time at all! So, try it out and let us know if there are paper crafts or guides, you would like to see tutorials for!