Gifts wrapped in Spong paper - The CraftablesI know it’s only been a few days since I wrote a post for easy techniques for making wrapping paper. But, the starry nights paper really got me into the mode of making gift wrapping paper using simple methods. So, this time I got working with a ordinary sponge and some paint!

Time taken: 5 minutes per sheet of paper

Budget: Low


  • Clean sponge
  • Paint ( I used shades of green, yellow and gold)
  • White sheet of paper
  • Embellishments (ribbon, thread etc, optional)
  • Gold Paper (optional)

Materials for Sponged wrapping paper - The CraftablesIn order to make this paper, all I did was,

  1. Spread out the sheet of paper and mark out the different sections of the page, where each color has to go.
  2. Dip the sponge about halfway into the darkest shade and started pressing it on the paper. Continue doing so, till the section is complete. Without stopping, switch colors and move onwards, till the entire sheet is covered. Let it dry and the paper is ready!

sponge stages of tutorial - The Craftables3 tips for using sponges:

  • Move really quickly when you start painting. Otherwise, the colors won’t blend. You can add more layers later (I added gold splotches after the green dried out), but the base layer needs to be completed quickly.
  • Don’t make the paint too watery, or you won’t get any pattern on the paper.
  • This is MESSY. So, make sure to keep a cloth nearby to wipe your hands, drain the sponge as you daub & put a plastic sheet/newspapers under the paper while painting.

Sponge wrapping paper - The CraftablesWhat colors would you like to see for this gift wrap? Let me know! – DA