5 senses gift boxes This gift is a real site for sore eyes, literally! It relates to satisfying all 5 senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Intrigued? Incidentally, it’s one of the few DIY gifts we have made, that didn’t require too much work. Here’s what happened.

When my friend had a birthday recently, I wanted to give something personal and useful to him. At the same time, it had to be exciting. So, I started browsing through Pinterest (This is my starting point for any project. Even when I know exactly what I want to do) and came across this concept of gifts for all 5 senses. This was it. It was innovative in the idea, wide in its scope and customized to the person.

Here’s the problem though. Most of the gift ideas suggested were for couple and to be given in person. And changing the idea wasn’t an option – I was in love with the concept by then.

senses red color gifts boxIn our next brainstorming session, we racked our heads on how to work it out. As we thought about it, we realized we had a list of gifts for each sense. Moreover, these gifts did not need me to be there, to be used.

Here is the list we made for them and what we did eventually.

Time taken: about 4 hours

Budget: Low for the gift wrap, Medium to High for the items.


  • 5/6 gift items
  • Same number(5 or 6) of colorful sheets.
  • Paper for the labels
  • Template for the boxes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

gift boxes for the 5 sensesSteps:

  1. Decide on the gifts you would like to give and purchase them. We stuck to small to medium sized and expense gifts. As the idea has 6 gifts (5 for the senses and 1 to complete the gift). We gave,
  • Smell: Perfume
  • Sight: Movies on a pen drive
  • Touch: Tshirt
  • Sound: Ear phones
  • Taste: Chocolates

standing gift boxes2. Next, using this template, we made the boxes for the gifts. Here, is a link for the full tutorial. In case, you wouldn’t want to make boxes, you can gift wrap them individually or make a hamper (gift basket) for them too.

3. Design and print the labels to be stuck on the boxes.

4. Put the items in the boxes, with a little paper stuffing (we cut up a printer sheet into confetti and stuffed it in).

5 senses gift - The Craftables

What completes the idea of the gift, is the way it is packed and presented. We used a candy striped paper and an old-school scroll design for the labels. Next, we stuck the labels on the exact same position on all the boxes. This gave a slightly vintage and slightly pop corn box feel to the boxes. Making them very appealing to look at!

gifts for the five senses

What gifts would you have given for each sense? Let us know in the comments below!