flower hair clipsGuess what I found, while thrift shopping yesterday! A tiny story tucked into a corner of a street in the busiest market of Bombay. It had the prettiest artificial flowers in all the possible sizes, varieties and colours. And I’ll admit I went a little bit crazy. I picked out a whole bunch of designs, so you’re going to be flooded with floral DIYs over the next few weeks. But for now, we’re going to start with an easy DIY tutorial – How To Make Flower Hair Clips in 10 minutes or less!

hair accessories flower

Time taken: 3-5 minutes per flower hair clip

Budget: Low


  • Plain Hair Clips with a flat top
  • Small artificial flowers (I got roses in 2 colours and a mixed kind in maroon)
  • Glue gun
  • Candle

You want to use a glue gun for this hair clip DIY, as all other kind of adhesives won’t hold the flower firmly or may stick to your hair.

DIY flower clips tutorial

Let’s start with the easier kind. The roses for these hair clips were a really good size, so I felt like one piece per clip is enough. However, if you like you can add more flowers. Just be careful that your flowers dont get smushed up and you can easily use the clip.

All you need to do is, apply a thick line of hot glue on the back of the rose and paste it on the closed corner of your hair clip. Press the flower and hold for a few seconds while the glue dries. Once it has dried, jiggle the pin up and down to see if it falls.

If it moves, that means the flower can fall off. In which case, you can add a tiny drop of glue where the flower is moving and secure it.

making floral hair clips

For the second type of flowers, I used these small flowers with little stems. Now, if we try to paste the flowers directly, the stems are going to poke out and the flower can fall off. So, before you start you should flatten out the stem in the back.

This trick works for most artificial flowers – hold the flower, with all the petals folded in, between your fingers, with only the stem standing out. Hold the stem near the tip of a candle flame. The heat will let the stem melt slightly. This literally takes one second. As soon as that second has passed, press the stem against a surface. This will flatten out the stem completely.

Be careful while doing this. Don’t burn your fingers or let the petals touch the flame.

artificial flowers

Once the flowers are ready, apply a little hot glue on the folded part of your hair clip and paste the flowers on top. Repeat the steps for the other side of the clip. I made a whole bunch of these flower hair clips. Some with two flowers and some with four.

floral clips

red flower hair clips

How do you like this DIY on how to make floral hair clips? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!