halloween pin the tail gameWe’re back with another Halloween idea! And this one is..drumroll please..a PARTY GAME! Ok, so maybe that’s not the biggest shocker. But, I feel like no holiday party is complete without a couple of themed games. And Halloween, has some of the best games. Because there’s just so much to work with. So, this year, we decided to make THREE Halloween pin the tail games for the day.

Actually, that may be a bit misleading. Because, none of the three ideas actually involves any tails. Oops. Today we’ve got pin the eye on the mummy’s face, the spider on it’s web and the ghost’s mouth on it’s face. Here’s how it’s done!

Budget: Low


  • Thick white paper (size A3)
  • Black Foam
  • Black markers / colour pencils
  • Tack Pins
  • Double sided tape / Glue Tack

DIY Hallowee spider games

Let’s start with the spiders web first! Here, are the steps:

  1. Take a plain sheet of paper and draw a vertical and horizontal line through the middle of the sheet. Then add lines in between each quarter and then additional lines between every two lines. It doesn’t have to be exactly in place.
  2. Next starting from the centre, add inverse Us between every line. Once you’ve covered a rough circle through each line, leave some space and add another circle. These are going to get much bigger as you move outwards. So, you can add lines in between to break them up a bit.
  3. Use a thick marker in places to add some depth. And, if you like, add lines of grey pencil below them, to give some finish.
  4. On a separate sheet, draw a big 8 and give it fat legs (they’re much easier to cut out)

pin the mummy eye halloween game

Next, let’s make the mummy’s face:

  1. Draw a rough egg shape and flip the paper around so the fatter portion is upwards.
  2. Add two spaced lines in the centre for the eyes to peak out off.
  3. Randomly add lines of bandages in the remaining two portions.
  4. Draw one of the eyes inside the two central lines.
  5. Colour in the bandages and the eye.
  6. On a separate sheet, draw and colour a matching eye.

Pin the mouth on the ghost halloween game

Lastly, for the ghost:

  1. Draw a rough vase like structure with a thick outline and turn it upside down.
  2. Add two triangular eyes in the upper half and colour them in.
  3. To give some finish, add a rough coloured outline on one side of the ghost.
  4. On a separate sheet, draw a huge kidney bean and colour it in completely.

Pin The Spider Halloween GameOnce the base is ready, it’s time to assemble! Here are the steps:

  1. Cut a large piece of the black foam (38 x 50 cms).
  2. Colour your tack pins in black using a thick marker.
  3. Once the pins have dried, use four (one in each corner) to place the drawing in the centre.
  4. Cut out the spider, eye and mouth and paste them on tack pins.
  5. Use blue tack or thick double sided tape to paste the game on the wall.
  6. And enjoy the game 🙂

Which Halloween pin the tail game did you like best? And what version would you like to play? Let us know through any of the links below or though the comment section. I’d love to know!