handmade candles making indeasIf you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know we love handmade candles! In fact, as I was going through some of our older posts, I saw that we’ve made DIY candles almost every month. Which, is A LOT of  tutorials. So, for this Throwback Post Day, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about all of our homemade candle posts till date.

For those of you have read a Throwback Post Day article for the first time – Hi! 🙂 This post is basically my way of looking back at some of the older posts that we’ve worked on, thinking about what we could have done better and going through some fun memories. And, if you reading this one, you can check out some more throwback post days here.

homemade cupcake candles

Let’s start at the very beginning, with these homemade cupcake liner candles. This was my first attempt at candle making and I had no idea how it would turn out. What if the liner had burnt up when the candle was lit?! But, as it turns out, the liners work beautifully and the candles look adorable! Check out the full tutorial here

diy floral candle holder

Speaking of firsts, we made these DIY floral candle holders for my sister’s roka and they were a complete hit. They’re so much easier to make than they look and we made a whole bunch of these in no time, at all. See the steps by clicking on this link

homemade candles

Then, there was the time, when we got fed up of buying decorative candles and decided to make them ourselves! Lo and behold, we made 5 decorative candles on a really small budget and they turned out amazing. Even better, they can all be replicated in a whole range of colours and designs. Click here to see all 5 tutorials

homemade quote candle

What kind of Potterhead would I be, if I didn’t have some Harry  Potter related decor in my room! I absolutely love this votive, that I made using one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter. And, it still has a place of honour on my bedside table. You can read more on this, here

diy valentines day candles

We also made 3 different kinds of handmade candles for Valentines Day! Though we made these with hearts, you can make them with most cutouts and they will look great. See more on how to make all 3 styles here. 

homemade bottle candles

And, we’ve come to the latest post we worked on, our scented candles that you can make easily at home. This was a recycling based project because we used small bits of leftover candles and crayons. Which we filled into old paint bottles. But, you could never tell from the end results! That’s why they’re my favourites! Here’s the link with the tutorial. 

Which handmade candles do you like best and what other kind of DIY ones, would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!