scratch off christmas ornaments - The CraftablesHappy Holidays! Holiday planning is in full works in my household. Now that Christmas isn’t too far away. We’ve been listening to carols for days! Though, that’s not my favourite activity of the season. It’s actually, trimming the tree and working on handmade christmas decorations. Alright, that’s not very surprising. But, we like to experiment with all sorts of ornaments & decorations. And this year, we made throwback ornaments, of sorts. As, we went with one of the oldest paper craft activities in the book – Scratch off art!

Time taken: 1 hour

Budget: Low



making christmas ornaments

1.Color your white paper haphazardly with the crayons. Make sure, there are no white spaces showing. The deeper the colors, the better they will look later.

2. Paint 1 layer of paint (without any water) over the colors and let it dry. Flip the sheet and paint the back. Let it dry out completely.

3. Cut out circles from the sheet. 

4. Scratch out the designs on the circles. Two per design. Don’t scrape at it too much though, or the paper will start tearing.

Adding strings to ornaments

5. Cut out small rectangles of gold paper and paste them just over the circle.

6. Tie a small circle into the thread and paste them on the back of the circle. Add a long piece of thick double sided tape on the back.

7. Place the second circle of the same design on the back.

Colourful DIY christmas ornaments

Things to remember:

  • You can add liquid soap to the black paint to make it smoother to scrape off. But, the colors below won’t come out as bright.
  • Make sure the circles are exactly the same size.
  • You can buy all the materials you need, by clicking on the links above.

Scratch off tree ornaments

Did you do scratch off art, as a child? I’m sure you must have. It’s practically a mandatory activity for every art / craft class in school. It was fun then and it’s fun now. Specially with kids! Because you don’t have to think too much, don’t need all kinds of fancy materials and get pretty christmas ornaments for your tree!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Let me know what you think of these DIY christmas ornaments in the comments below or through our social media links! And, if you decide to make them, don’t forget to tag your photo with #thecraftables so we can see too!