custom gift bagsIt’s been a while, since I’ve posted an article about one of the orders we’ve done. And that’s because – I don’t like to write these articles. They’re more informative of what we do and less tutorial based. Which I think is a bore for a lot of people. But, this order of custom gift bag was quite special to me. So, I’m going to go ahead and talk about it anyway!

As you may or may not know, we take orders for customised gifts, stationery, party decor and more. But this order of custom gift bags, tags and envelopes was a first for us, under the label of The Craftables.

floral gift bags

Let me explain that a bit more. Before we started The Craftables, we used to take selective orders for gift bags and tags. Sometimes generic ones where we made simple designs in bulk and sold them in exhibitions. And sometimes, customised ones based on the client’s request. But, somehow in the past year, we hadn’t done much of paper bags, because of a whole bunch of reasons.  This wasn’t an ideal situation for me. As I genuinely enjoy designing paper crafts a lot.

So when we were contacted to make this order, I literally started grinning ear to ear. It felt like I had found an old book that I had misplaced (Yes, that is something that would make me very happy). And, what a perfect order to start with!

floral customised gift bags

Client Request:

This one was for a 100 custom made gift bags made in 3 sizes, using 2 floral designs as the base design. The client’s request was for simple florals in neutral colours. No pinks, blues or metallic colours. Keep it very simple. (Let me know, if you think we met the idea exactly or not :))

diy gift bag

We Made:

We went all out on the execution – from designing the bags, the prints and the layouts to assembling all of it. To make it even more personalised, we used a variety of designs for the bags, mixing it up with shades of peach, purple and green. In addition to the bags, we made matching gift tags for each of the designs.We also matched a 100 envelopes to the bags using a custom made layout for the envelope.

To give it a personal touch we added, the family names to the gift tags and the envelopes.

handmade customised envelopes

But, this post isn’t just about telling you about what we made! It’s also to tell you that we’ve started taking orders again! So if you’re interested in custom made gift bags, tags and envelopes, let us know through this link here. And, we would love to make some for you!


Customised gift bags

floral envelopes

papercraft gift bags

floral personalised gift bags

Let us know, if you would like to see more of the orders we make behind the scenes? I don’t know, because I genuinely feel like no one would be interested. So, tell me if I’m wrong!