Rakhi envelopes tutorialRakhi is just a month away and it’s the right time to start planning out rakhi packages! For those of you that are unfamiliar with Rakhi, it’s an annual Indian festival which celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It’s one of the sweetest Indian traditions, where siblings and cousins promise to look after and care for each other. This is symbolised by the sister tying a colorful thread (mostly decorated)on the brother’s wrist. And the brother in turn, gives a gift.

However some times, it isn’t possible for siblings to meet on the day. So, the sister sends the rakhi, roli and rice along with something sweet through a courier. And, these handmade rakhi envelopes are a convenient way to send them!

And, even if you don’t celebrate Rakhi, I think it’s a pretty great papercraft to know. Let me know if you agree with me 🙂

DIY Rakhi envelopes

Time: 5-10 minutes

Budget: Nil


  • Slightly thick paper
  • Something round and big to draw the circle with (I used the top of a popcorn holder!)
  • Scissors
  • Single Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Metal Scale
  • Small plastic bags

You will also need the rakhi, roli and rice that needs to be placed in the envelope.

Steps for making rakhi envelopes


  1. Start by placing the round object near one edge of the paper and drawing a circle. You want to make the radius at least 9 cm.
  2. Leaving 5 cms from each side, draw 4 straight lines. This will make a rectangle in the middle of your envelope.
  3. Cut out the envelope
  4. Place the metal scale against each line and fold the paper over the scale, making a straight creased line. Repeat the step for all four sides.
  5. Fold three of the sides inwards.
  6. On the uppermost flap, punch a single hole.
  7. Loop ribbon from the top of the envelope and around it
  8. Fill the small plastic packets with roli and rice.
  9. Place the rakhi and small packets inside the envelope and tie the knot to complete the envelope!

And that’s it! You have a pretty envelope to place your rakhis in!

We also added a small card with messages to our brothers in the envelopes, to make them more personalised 🙂

Rakhi gift courier

handmade rakhi envelopes

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how to make rakhi envelopesWhat do you think of these handmade rakhi envelopes? And what kind of rakhi traditions do you follow! Let me know in the comments below!