harry potter themed partyIt’s no secret that we, at The Craftables, are all Potterheads. But, we’ve never really talked about how much we love the wizarding world. Partly because, I’m nervous I’ll reveal just how much of a nerd I am. And partly, because there is so much you can do (I genuinely believe I could plan over a hundred DIYs inspired by the Harry Potter universe.) So when we got the opportunity to host a Harry Potter party last week, I was thrilled! And, now I can finally share all that we made for the Harry Potter Themed Party.

Before we get started, I want to let you know that I’m splitting the theme into different posts based on printables, games, food etc. As well as this one, into three parts. Usually, we like to share all the details for the party in one post. However, I’m making an exception as I want to do justice to each aspect that we worked on. Plus, we’re also going to include some ideas that we found online. So, it just makes more sense this way!

Harry potter party game idea for kids

For the first theme, we want to share the highlight of the party – the Trispecies Tournament! This game is a loose adaptation of the original Triwizard Tournament. For Part 1, we are sharing the sorting process and the first task.

Click Here to See Part 2 (Task 2)

Click Here to see Part 3 (Task 3 + prizes)

Harry Potter Tournament Game


We had about 20 children participating in this game. Twenty kids who would have fought tooth and nail to be the Hogwarts champion! So, instead we split them up into teams of 4 and named each team after a mythical species from the books. We had mermaid, dragons, unicorns, phoenix and centaurs.

To split them into teams, we made these templates (click to download and use) and cut out all of the circles. Next we pasted a thin ribbon on the back, which could be used to wear your species symbol. For bonus points, we placed all the circles in a bowl lined with blue crepe paper (kind of like a Goblet of Fire). And let the players pick their team without looking. Making it as fair as possible.

Now that the teams were ready, we were ready to play!

Harry Potter Party game sheet


This tournament is made up of three tasks. And the first one is called, Identify Me!

How to play: In this task, players are taken to an open space where images of characters, places and items from the Harry Potter universe are hidden. Teams are given answer sheets and 7 minutes to identify as many as possible and hand in their sheets. With the teams being scored from highest to lowest based on how many they get right.

Points are allotted as 50 Points for 1st, 40 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, 20 for 4th and 10 for 5th team.

How to prep: For this game, you will need to make make drawings or take print outs of at least 20 characters, items or places on circles, such as these. We placed them on skewers and strings around the playing space. But, you can change that depending on your party space. It can also be scaled up and down, depending on the age of the players, their knowledge of Harry Potter etc.

You will also need answer sheets for the teams and a key with all the answers. Click here to download our version.

Harry potter party ideas

How do you like this Harry Potter game idea? If you like it, watch this space for more. Because we’re sharing more on the party all through the next two weeks. And, if you make  or play any of the activities above, please take a photo and send it to us or tag it with #craftypotterhead 🙂

easy harry potter party decor

Hope you enjoyed this week of Harry Potter Themed Party Idea as much as we enjoyed making it! Now, I’m off to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them once more!