home security checklistEvery time I leave for a trip, I have a series of panic attacks. Did I lock all the doors and windows? Have I told my neighbour, where I’m going to be? Is my passport lying on the table? It’s a pretty long list of things to take care off. And just like, it’s important to me to carry everything I need with me, it’s important to me to leave my home secure and worry free. That’s why I decided to make a detailed printable home security checklist that makes sure I cover all the essentials, before I leave home.

printable security checklist

The idea behind this home security checklist is to make sure, all the important details about securing your home are covered. You can click on these links to download the PDFs and print them out, in the color of your choice:

Purple Home Security Printable Checklist

Sea Green Home Security Printable Checklist

home security checklist sea green and purple

Usually, it takes me  3 days to go through the entire list (between work and skittles). And I usually, start with documents and calls. Things like, informing a friend or a neighbour where I’m going to be and asking them to check out my place from time to time. Or arranging pet care and collecting all the paperwork needed for travelling. From there I move onto, making sure no one knows when I’ll be travelling (it’s a bit dumb to announce it on Facebook and practically invite a break-in), noting down important numbers, informing the newspaper guy, locking up valuables etc.

Once that’s been arranged, it’s usually the day before I’m leaving. Which means, ensuring there are no perishables in the house and cleaning the house as much as possible. No body likes coming back to a messy house.

On the day of travelling, I like to go room wise, making sure I cover everything on the list. I usually start with the kitchen, taking care of the dishes, trash and gas supply. And then go through each room, locking the doors/ windows and unplugging all the electronics. An hour or so before leaving, I like to run through the whole list once more, to make sure everything is done.

security checklist

Now, I know your home security checklist may not be the same as mine. In which case, I would recommend writing down the extras, at the bottom of the list before starting. Specifics like, getting the snow cleared or mowing the lawn. On the other hand, if I’ve forgotten an essential, tell me in the comments and I’ll add it!

My aunt gave me the idea for these lists  and, I’ve used them for my last two trips blindly. So, I can tell you without any reservation, that they really help reduce stress, because you know you have taken care of everything! Similarly, an important task is to make sure you’re carrying everything with you. These lists will help with that.

residential security checklist to print

That’s it – my way of making sure each trip is worry free and/or productive, without stressing about my home. Hope they make your life easier too! Let me know, in the comments, what I should add to the printable home security checklist and what other lists you would like to see!