diy sewing kit boxI’m starting to get the hang of sewing. Words I never thought I would type, considering how terrible I was, when I started. However, I’ve been spending some quality time with my grandmom and she’s been showing me how it’s done. So now, though I’m not a pro like her, I can definitely manage a few basic things. And that, in my mind, qualifies me to own my very own homemade sewing kit box! Or something like that!

homemade sewing kit box

As you can probably tell, I don’t know much. Which means, I don’t really need everything in my sewing kit box. Just the basics. So, it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on a set. Instead, let’s upcycle it with what’s lying around.

sewing box decoration First up, I needed a box to put everything in. I like this old tray that I had got food in,  because it has a good height (prevents things from falling out). So, I cleaned it up and applied double sided tape on the rim and the bottom of the box.

Next, I took leftover bits of wool (borrowed from nani) and wrapped them one layer above the other on the double sided tape. You want to pull the wool tightly and wrap them exactly one over the other, without leaving gaps.

You can choose to decorate it a bit more. Like, painting the box, inserting a piece of paper in the tray or adding more lines of wool. Depending on how much time, you have to complete the kit.

sewing kit box itemsFor the contents, I lined up all the spools of thread that I usually use. This makes them easy to see, and holds them in place. Next for the hooks, buttons, pins etc, I cleaned out empty paint bottles and stacked them in one corner of the tray. Turning them upside down, helps see the contents of the bottles, so you don’t mistake them. Other essentials included:

  • Needles (in a box, so I don’t prick myself)
  • Ripper
  • Pin cushion
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Extra thread
  • Thimble

Have I forgotten to add something important in the sewing kit box? Let me know in the comments below, so I can add it.

how to make a sewing kit box

Upcycled DIY Sewing Kit

And that’s it for my super simple & easy tutorial on How To Make a Sewing Kit Box at home. I’m sure there will be a lot of additions to this box with time. I’ll definitely make sure, you can see the progress. In the meantime, tell me about your favourite sewing projects!