7 DIY Hair AccessoriesHappy Friday! The weekend is finally here.  At times, I feel like the weeks go by in a blur. I mean, January is already over. 31 days that have absolutely flown by. I just cant wrap my head around it (Haha I totally planned that pun). Not that I’m complaining about the weekend being here. I couldn’t be happier going through some of my favourite blogs and sharing some amazing DIYs for you to try! This week, we’re sharing tutorials on how to make 7 Cute Hair Accessories. Check it out!

As always, please click through the title below the photograph, to see the full tutorial.

7 DIY rhinestone clips accessory

Rhinestone Hair Clips by The Crafted Life 

The Crafted Life is one of my absolute favourite blogs! (Seriously. I’m obsessed with the content) And I feel in love with these rhinestone hair clips. They’re really simple to make and look stunning. I was thinking of making these in shades of blue to create an ombre sort of effect.

diy hair cuffs

DIY Hair Cuffs by Brit + Co 

Cuffs are always a great idea and these ideas are so chic! I’ve seen these in stores and never thought about making them. Because they always seemed like manufactured products. Little did I know, what fantastic DIYs they make.

Hair Accessories - headband

Watercolor Headband / Scarf by Bespoke Bride 

There are so many things I love about this handmade hair accessory! Most importantly – it’s multipurpose. You can use it as a scarf, a headband, a hair tie. Also, just look at those colors. They’re gorgeous! I would totally wear a plain shirt and accessorise with this bright headband.

wodden hair pin accessories

Wooden Triangle Hair Pins by The Merrythought  

If you’re looking for daily wear, this is a great idea. It’s a minimal design that you can wear at – pretty much any time of the day. Whether you’re going to work or a casual lunch or pinning back your fringe while painting. I know, because I’ve used mine for all 3 of these things!

handmade floral headband

Floral Headbands

I made these for my cousins a while back and they were such a hit. In fact, they went on to make these cute hair accessories for a school exhibition! The designs are printable and you can decorate them (to make them look fancier) or play around with colors to get a look you like.

diy jeweled hair accessory

Jeweled Headband by Pearls and Scissors

My crafty senses went on alert mood as soon as I saw this DIY hair accessory. I’ve seen similar headbands many many times in stores and bought a few too. But, they have always been on stiff base and given me a headache. This brilliant design takes care of that problem by placing the gems on a wire and the back on an elastic. Genius!

headwrap accessory

Wax Print Headwrap by Honestly WTF 

I wish Summer would hurry up and get here sooner, just so I could wear this head wrap! You can wear it in so many different ways and the print looks amazing. Definitely, want to try this asap!

What’s your take on these easy to make  and super cute hair accessories? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Have a great weekend! Bbye!