framed kitchen chalkboardFor once, I have a birthday gift ready days before it needs to be given. This is such a rare thing for me (aka normally gives gifts a month after a birthday), that I couldn’t wait to share it. So I banned my friend from peeking at the blog and started writing, as soon as the gift was complete! And, I think she’s going to love it – A Small Organisation Chalkboard for her Kitchen.

To give an idea of who the gift is for – my friend is a cooking and organisation fiend. She’s constantly planning menus, noting down ingredients to buy and cooking up a storm. So, I wanted to make something that helps her with this, every day. That’s how we came up with the idea of making a small chalkboard that could be used for her daily organisation in the kitchen. Let’s get started!

kitchen chalkboard

Time: This depends a lot on the decorative design that you choose. This one took me a few hours, because I used many colours and a detailed design.

Budget: Medium


  • Blank Mat
  • Tracing Paper
  • Chalkboard Spray (I bought mine on Amazon)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • 3+ Paintbrushes (round, number 0, 1 and 2)
  • Thin Black Marker
  • Chalk
  • Stand / Easel (optional)
  • Masking Tape / Magic Tape

small chalkboard for kitchen

Note: This isn’t the easiest tutorial if you’re making a complicated design. It takes patience and is very easy to mess up. So, take your time and plan your design beforehand. If you need any advice, feel free to contact us and we’ll help out!

Prepwork: You should spray the chalkboard with 2 layers of chalkboard paint spray, 24 hours in advance. This way, the paint has had plenty of time to dry before you get started on the decorative design. Here are some things you should be careful of:

  • Cover your mouth and nose while spraying the chalk paint. It can give you a massive headache.
  • Place the mat on a newspaper / disposable sheet before spraying.
  • Keep the spray close to the surface and spray on thick layers, without leaving any gaps.
  • Wait for 20-30 minutes after the the first layer, before spraying the second layer.

making chalkboard

Once the chalkboard has dried out, we can start working on the decorative design. Start by measuring the width of the chalkboard and cutting a tracing paper of the same size. Then, draw / trace a design on the bottom of the sheet, before tracing it onto the chalkboard. After tracing the design, you can draw over the important lines, making them clearer to follow. Similarly, add a title to the top half of the board.

For the design, you want to choose something that has a lot of layers in it. For instance, in this design each fruit has 3-4 colors and each leaf has 3 colours. Or you can keep it simple, by taking one color per fruit and leaf.

decorative chalkboard design

After drawing out the decorative design, it’s the best part – time to paint! This is the tricky part of the tutorial, because you can’t adjust / change the colors. So, you need to take a minute and decide what color goes where before starting. Once that’s done, take one color at a time and paint it into the decided spaces. Kind of like, paint by numbers. Here’s what we did:

  1. Start by painting in the bigger portions i.e the fruits, with the lightest colors. The paint usually dulls out after drying, so you want to use the light colors first and see how much darker the other colors need to be.
  2. Move onto the darker tones for the fruits. After the first layer of light paints has dried. The layers effect comes only by waiting for a few seconds between 2 layers.
  3. Once the fruits are done, it’s time to paint the leaves. If it’s looking like a mess at this stage, don’t worry too much. That’s going to get fixed with the next step.
  4. For the last step, take a thin marker and draw outlines for the fruits and leaves. You can also add seeds and defining lines within the design. This step is optional, but it really gives a lot of finish.

You should know the following, before you paint the chalkboard:

  • Use slightly watery paint because thick paint makes clumpy lines on the board.
  • The less paint you use, the more the black board will shine through.
  • Avoid painting over another layer or trying to mix colors to create a shaded effect. It doesn’t work.
  • Use thin round brushes or toothpicks to paint with.

kitchen chalkboard notes

Now, you can move to the upper half of the chalkboard. Again, this is completely optional. But, I thought the chalkboard looks a bit empty, without it. That’s why we:

  1. Applied two lines of magic tape (press it lightly over the paint) and painted between it.
  2. Once the paint has dried, carefully peeled the tape and painted in the letters.

The chalkboard at this stage is essentially finished! So, in order to make it ready to use, you’ll need to crush a piece of chalk and spread it in the middle of the board. I like to crush the chalk, because a chalk stick can create lines that don’t rub out easily.

And that’s it! A super appropriate gift for a super special human being!

kitchen blackboard

Now, I know this is tougher than what we usually share. That’s why, we’re opening up this particular product for sale. You can use the link below to place an order for this design and we’ll make and send it to you. And, since you’ll be ordering it, you get the option to decide the design. So, don’t forget to tell us what you would like, in the form. 


diy kitchen chalkboard

What do you think of our Decorative Chalkboard for Kitchens idea? Would you like to make your own blackboard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And, if you make this design, please photograph and tag us, so we can see it too!