DIY Trinket BoxIt’s time for some gold old fashioned bedazzling! We were making trinket boxes with our tiny tots for a workshop recently. And, they came up with this beautiful design. They took my very basic idea (that’s what I get for trying to give them something simple to DIY) and took it to a new level. Making it very pink. Very shiny. And, very pretty. I literally tumbled in love with it. So, of course, I needed to make one too. Here’s how to make a personalised trinket box!

Budget: Low

Time taken: 45-60 minutes max


  • Plain box
  • Tracing paper
  • Rhinestones
  • Glue
  • Paints
  • Gold Paint
  • Pencil

trinket box lid


Start by painting the lid of the box. For this, I used a pale colour that would stand out against the colour of the rhinestones. Paint two coats of pink and let it dry.

trinket box painting

While the lid was drying, use two shades of pink to paint the sides of the box. Blending them with a dry brush and very little water. The darker pink should be close to the colour of the rhinestones.

Handmade trinket box

By this time, the middle of the box will have dried, and you can use gold paint to paint the rim.You can also paint the base and insides of the box, to give more finish to the design.

box lid

Next, draw out a heart on the tracing paper and add an initial in the middle. I’m making this for a cousin (she loves pink!), so I added the first letter to her name. Shade the back of the design and place it in the centre of the lid. Carefully trace the heart and initial onto the lid.

Note: Don’t shade the entire heart and letter. Or, the pencil marks will smudge onto the paint. And, they’re quite annoying to clean up.

Rhinestone Trinket Box

It’s the final step! And the most time consuming one too. Start from the upper half of the box and paste the rhinestones along the rim of the heart. You need to do apply the glue and stones in parts to make sure the design is as neat as possible. Here, are some suggestions:

  • Place the stones around the rim of the hart and then stick the stones around it or in straight lines alongside.
  • Divide the outline in sections, while pasting to move faster and to make the design even on both sides.
  • Use a tweezer or toothpicks to speed up the pasting process.
  • Stick the letter last, so you can adjust it if necessary.

DIY Box crafts

And that’s it! Honestly, I don’t think this is a tough tutorial. It just takes patience to make it well. That’s what made me love it even more. Because my students were happy to take out extra time and complete it, beautifully (truthfully, they were way more patient than I was).

personalised trinket box

pink trinket box

What do you think of our tutorial on how to make personalised DIY Trinket Box? Let me know your thoughts and what design you would have made, in the comments below!