How to make paper craft boxesIt’s been a couple of months since I started blogging, and I noticed that there are a couple of topics that I consistently go back t. Because I enjoy making them so much. At the top of that list is paper crafts. Specially paper craft boxes. In fact, we have shared quite a few printables and designs. So, I thought, why not round them up and make it convenient to access all of them in one go. And, that’s what this post is all about!

As always, please use the link in the title below each photograph to access the complete tutorial. I don’t know the exact terminology (if there is any?) for these paper craft boxes, so I’m going to make it up, as I write.

triangle paper craft boxes


I’m going to start with my favourites, Triangle Paper Craft Boxes. These are my favourites simply because I have great memories of making them with my cousins. They are incredibly simple to make and I like how you can change the box design to any colour.

long goody / doggy paper boxes


Initially, we made these as goody bags for parties, but you can make them for pretty much any gift. You can also decorate them in so many ways. For example, you can make the window one for food items, or the floral one for a perfume.

square paper boxes


Though we made these paper boxes for an advent calender, you can use a template to make small square paper boxes. They can be dressed up as presents or used to store small items. You can also increase the size and substitute it for any box.

paper pillow boxes


I love making this box design! Even if it is the easiest to mess up. Pillow boxes always look so good, that you don’t need to do much to decorate them. The shape in itself, is interesting enough.

quirky paper boxes


I can’t believe it’s been this long! These 3 designs were the first DIY paper craft boxes I shared and all 3 are amazing. What I like about them is the deceptively large amount of space they have. You wouldn’t think it, when you look at them. But, it’s true!

paper craft hexagon boxes


We used a basic hexagon design for these spider boxes. And that design can be used to make beautiful containers. You can play around with the height of the box to increase or decrease the size of the box. Or, try different prints and colors to decorate.

paper pie boxes


You probably see a lot of these around Thanksgiving. But, that’s not the only time of year that you would use these paper craft pie boxes. They can be adapted to other occasions. For example, for Valentine’s Day – you can cut a small heart on the top and fill the box up with candy. Or on Mother’s Day, you can fill it with flowers. It’s all about adapting!

Let me know which of these paper craft box ideas is your favourite, in the comments below! Also we are going to be sharing more paper craft ideas in the future (I love paper crafting too much!), so watch this space for more!