how to make a trayEvery time I plan a workshop for children, I feel a mixed sense of anticipation and nervousness. The kids I work with are amazingly talented. Which makes me really excited about planning tutorials for them. On the other hand, I feel like I need to give them challenging projects that they will both learn from and enjoy making. For the recent workshop, one of the project was DIY rainbow tray and I have a feeling this was a home run of an idea!

For this DIY, I wanted to walk the kids through two things. One, masking and how to paint in straight lines. And two, how to use rope to decorate. Here’s how it’s done!

handmade rainbow tray

Time taken: about 1 and a half hours

Budget: Low


  • Plain Tray
  • Paint in the seven colours of a rainbow (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red)
  • Magic or masking tape
  • Thin rope
  • Double sided tape
  • Gold Pen / Paint
  • Pencil and small scale
  • Varnish

Steps to make a rainbow tray

Start by diving the length of the tray in seven equal sections. These are for each of the colors (VIBGYOR). Next, from the rim of the tray, paste a downward length of tape. Continue the tape in a straight line over the marking and over the rim on the other side. The important part is to make sure the tape is pressed well, so that the paint does not spread.

painting the rainbow tray

Similarly, apply tape for every alternate panel. This helps speed up the process considerably because you can paint multiple panels. Instead of going one panel at a time. Keep in mind that, there will be two lengths of tape for each middle panel.

Start from one corner and start painting the inner portion of the tray. The tape will ensure that the remaining panels are protected. I would suggest placing each colour right above the panel. So, there is no confusion about which colour goes where.

Once the first set of panels is complete, let the paint dry completely. After this, you can peel off the tape. You should be able to see clean straight panels of paint. Repeat the steps for the remaining panels.quick crafts for kids

With the main portion of the tray complete, it’s time to move on to the details. We added two simple details.

  • Paint the handles in the corresponding corner colours i.e Violet and Red.
  • Add thin gold lines between each section and around the rim of the tray.

making a tray

For the final steps of the rainbow tray, apply double sided tape around the outside of the tray and paste the rope in straight lines. To make it as neat as possible,

  1. Start from one corner of the tray and loop the rope around the edges.
  2. Pull the rope firmly and place each line as close to each other. The less gaps, the better.
  3. For the portions with the handles, you will need 4 smaller pieces of rope, instead of a continous length.
  4. The number of lines would vary as per the height of the tray. For this one, we managed 7 lines.

Make a Rainbow DIY Tray

If you’re going to use the tray for serving, then I would recommend varnishing the tray. This is to make sure, the paint doesn’t spread if any liquid falls on the surface. Two layers of light varnish should do the trick! (cover your face while spraying! You can get a headache from this stuff)

rainbow tray with paint bottles

And that’s it 🙂 A colourful and crafty DIY that is a lot of fun to make!

If you want to add another rainbow element to the tray, you can do that easily by dying the rope in different colors. All you need to do is mix some water and paint and dunk the rope in it. Set the rope to try and you have beautifully dyed rope!

rainbow tray decoration

diy tray

kids workshops idea - rainbow tray

What do you think of this DIY on how to make Rainbow Tray? Let us know in the comments below or through any of the social media links added here. Bye Bye! 🙂