Raffia baskets - The CraftablesEvery time anyone chooses to make anything, they literally have thousands of options to choose from. Take a simple box for example, you can decorate it with gems, stones, threads, wool, paper strips, different kinds of paint, buttons and so much more. Even more, those embellishments can also be used in a million ways. I need a math genius to figure out the number of permutations and combinations that can be worked out and I’m pretty sure even she won’t be able to come to a definite number. So, instead what I’m going to try and do, is pick and choose embellishments and showcase them, in a way that I like. Sounds good?

To kick things off, I want to talk about raffia. Usually raffia is associated with weaving. And honestly, the idea of weaving large baskets, gives me nightmares. So, I opted for something simpler. Here’s what I did.

Makeup baskets made of raffia The CraftablesThis idea started with these plastic boxes I bought to store makeup in my drawer. It has these tiny squares on each side, which are perfect to thread something through. This way, I could add some color to these rather plain boxes.

At this stage, I could have used a lot of materials. But, what attracted me towards raffia, is that it can be opened up slightly and stretched sideways. This would reduce my workload quite a bit. As each square would need only one length of raffia to be threaded. Plus, I found this packet that had 3 shades of blue raffia, which would create a subtle ombre effect.

Finished raffia baskets

Budget: Low

Time taken: about 1 hour for 3 baskets


  • Different colored raffia
  • Containers with small squares on the side. I got mine at the nearby supermarket.
  • Tape
  • Glue

Materials for raffia baskets


  1. Measure the sides of the box you are embellishing and cut a slightly longer piece of raffia. My container had 3 rows each, so I cut three lengths, one of each shade of blue.
  2. Put a small piece of tape at one of the ends of the raffia. This makes it much easier and quicker to thread the raffia.
  3. Open up the rest of the raffia, to make sure it completely covers each of the squares.
  4. Starting from one corner, leaving a bit at the end, start threading the boxes, inwards and outwards. Follow the same pattern for all the rows on the box.

How to thread the basket

5. Once the end is reached, cut the excess raffia and stick it to the beginning edge with a little bit of glue.

Stick the edges to complete the raffia basket

Repeat the steps for all the boxes and you’re raffia baskets are ready!

Raffia Basket Set - The Craftables

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. I had put a little bit of cream on my hand, before I started threading the raffia. This is done to avoid getting paper cuts from the raffia. I got a small cut from the first length of raffia as I was opening it and it’s just painful and unnecessary.
  2. It’s always better to cut a longer length of raffia. And cut it towards the end. An alternate idea is, to take 4 individual lengths for all 4 sides and tie it up at the corner.
  3. Make sure that the raffia is turned to the same side while threading. If it turns, it will become thin and show gaps in the thread.

Raffia Baskets - The Craftables

Know of any great ways to use raffia? Tell me about them in the comments. Have a great day ahead! – DA