DIY Bullet Journal | Accomplish your goals | February Monthly Goals Printable | Iris Themed | The Craftables PrintablesAnd just like that January is over. If this first month is anything to go by, it’s going to be a roller coaster of a year. On the bright side I managed 3 of the 4 personal goals that I set for January. Each time, I would tick off one of them, I would feel immense joy. So, I’m feeling positive about setting some more personal and work goals for this month. The difference is – this month I’m sharing a monthly printable with the flower of the month aka Irises, to help accomplish those goals.

Personal Growth and self help with goal tracker | February Monthly Goals Printable | Iris Themed | The Craftables Printables

Flower of the month : Irises

Surprising as it may be – the official flower for February isn’t a rose. But an Iris. Irises are typically seen in a couple of colours and named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Who is also known as a messenger of love. Kind of fitting right? It symbolises wisdom and compliments. So, you may want to gift someone an Iris instead of a rose this Valentine’s Day? That’s why we paired it with the colours of the month (Purple, yellow and light blue) to make a simple goals PDF.

Sidenote: Do you guys enjoy these bits of trivia and how we design these monthly printables? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Phone wallpaper | February Monthly Goals Printable | Iris Themed | The Craftables Printables

Monthly Goals

For this month, I decided to set some daily goals and some new things to try. I also wrote down, 3 words that would be my motto for the month.

My daily goals are,

  • To drink enough water
  • To have some form of exercise
  • To Meditate for 10+ minutes
  • To keep a clean room

My New things to try are,

  • To draw a fun doodle from scratch (any ideas? Let me know if you would like something specific)
  • Talk to three people I haven’t spoken to in ages and give them all compliments!
  • Finish setting up my Etsy store
  • Read one new book.

Also, my words for the month are – Believe, Listen and Balance. Believe in myself and others. Listen to what the universe and my audience is telling me. And balance work and fun (we have a month of travel, weddings and outings planned. So, the fun aspect seems well covered haha!)

I even made a simple wallpaper to match my goals printable. Send us a message if you would like it too and we’ll mail it to match your phone screen!

My Monthly Goals | Bullet Journal | February Monthly Goals Printable | Iris Themed | The Craftables Printables

Monthly Goals Printable

Now that my goals are in order, it’s time to pen it down on a simple printable and track them over the month. Wish me luck!

If you would like to download and use our first ever monthly goals printable – click on the button below and print at home. Don’t forget to let us know your goals and how it’s going, by sending us a photo on any of the socials below. Or, simply tag us on your account and we can see it too!

February Goals

And that’s it for today! I hope you have a romantic and happy February! I’ll update you on how things went in March.