Personal Goals for JanuaryIt’s the dawn of a new year! And I am feeling both hopeful and excited about what this year will bring. Maybe a dash of nervousness too. As we’ve planned some pretty ambitious goals for the year and it will bring a lot  of challenges and opportunities. Hopefully, we will be able to rise to the occasion and make our goals into reality.

As we work on what’s to come, I also wanted to talk about the importance of balance and self growth. It is so very easy to get caught in a cycle of work and responsibilities. And though, I’m lucky enough to have a job that I love, I did catch myself feeling bogged down last year. So, starting this year, I wanted to make some mini personal goals, which will help keep me in touch with some new interests and some old hobbies. I’m hoping that this brings balance in my daily life. And it also, helps me grow and develop. Maybe tick some of the things on my never ending Pinterest boards haha!

Hello 2019

You may be wondering, why I’m sharing this here? My reasons are twofold. One, I’m hoping that readers realise how important it is to look after themselves, their passions and interests. That it’s okay (in fact it’s good) to keep working on yourself. It doesn’t have to be something detailed or difficult. Maybe something simple (as you’ll see with my goals). Second, I’m hoping that by putting it in writing, I stick to my plans! Do check in with me, in the comments or on social media, if I’m on track! And if you make your own personal goals, tell me how they’re going for you.

This month I’ve planned 4 personal goals:

  • Learn and practice 1 script of calligraphy.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes every day.
  • Track and drink enough water.
  • Learn how to make 1 savoury food and 1 dessert

Personal goals for 2019 January

Not too bad, is it? I’ll update you, next month on how it goes 🙂