Learning While Blogging #1: InstagramBlogging is a continuous learning process. As a matter of fact, I can’t count the number of hours I spend reading online. I could probably write a book on what the experience has been like and is, as I continue to learn. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this set of articles. I’m going to write about what I learn, as I read up on blogging and share my opinion on it. First up, Instagram!

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I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m terrible at Instagram. Which is an odd thing to say. Because bloggers seem to be born with an innate ability to capture the right moments. But, it doesn’t come naturally to me and as a result, I have spent months ignoring Instagram. Not the best strategy. So, a couple of days ago, I took out a chunk of time and spent it learning from some of the best Instagram accounts. And now, I don’t know everything about it. But, it’s a drop in the ocean (i’ll keep you posted on whether it’s been working for me). So, here’s what I do know!

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In a nutshell:

  1. The whole innate ability to capture the right moment is a myth. I’m not saying you don’t need talent. But, it’s not just that. Most bloggers will tell you that Instagram is hard work and you have to spend time honing your skills and finding your voice online.
  2. Consistency is important. Unless you’re a superstar, you should post a couple of times a week to keep your followers in the loop.
  3. On the other hand, don’t spam people. The easiest way to annoy anyone is to post 20 pictures in a day. No body is that interested.
  4. You can learn a lot from existing accounts. Here are 7 of my absolute favourites and what I’ve learnt from them:

Note: All of the accounts I’ve written about, share stunning content. You should definitely check them out. Click on the title below the image, to see their Instagram account.

Home Oh My Gift WrappingPlan a theme for your account // Homey Oh My 

The Homey Oh My Account is a masterpiece. Every single picture is a minimal work of art. And, it taught be the importance of retaining an underlying theme to your photographs. The tones of all their photographs are similar, no matter the object being photographed. Which is immensely attractive.

Aww Sam innovative products

Product is King // Aww Sam 

Aww Sam should be a mandatory learning point for new bloggers. I’ve learnt so much from it! Though, the most important thing I learnt is – your product needs to be innovative & interesting. You can do everything else right. But, if your product isn’t creative, it won’t work in the long run. Just look at the milkshakes above. Can you honestly tell me, you won’t want that?

Nector And Stone Instagram

Focus on your product // Nectar and Stone 

What I learnt from Nectar and Stone’s gorgeous account is how to focus on your product. When someone visits your Instagram account, it should take them a nano second to figure out what your product is. Nectar And Stone does that very effectively with their stunning photos of their baked goods and incorporation of color. To the point where you start relating the colors to the brand.

Violet Tinder Insta

Photograph them well // Violet Tinder 

Every time I looked at Violet Tinder’s Insta, I am wowed by the photographs. They’re so beautiful! As I went through her feed (I was resisting the urge to like every single picture), I noticed a couple of things. One, each photograph is simply styled and decluttered. Two, experiment with the placement of the product in the photos . And three, edit the picture brilliantly.

A Color Story filters

Filters are your friends // A Color Story 

#nofilter isn’t always a good option. You can definitely enhance the ordinary with appropriate filters.  I’ve been using the A Color Story app off late and I can tell you with complete confidence, that you need this for Instagram. If you want more evidence, check out their profile. It teaches you a lot about choosing the right effects and the right colors to take your photo to a 10/10.

Studio DIY captions and editing on insta

Caption it! // Studio DIY 

Another champion at editing is the team at Studio DIY. Every single picture will have you reacting with “I need this and I want this”. They’re that good. Besides the obviously perfect photos, the also have brilliant captions. They’re relatable, quirky and interesting. Which does an incredible job of engaging the audience.

Maritza Lisa's Instagram

Share what you like // Maritza Lisa 

There are two things that I’ve learnt and I’m going to try from Maritza Lisa’s lovely account! First, keep the number of elements in your photos to a minimum instead of  unneccesarily adding colors or objects. Second, you don’t need to add photos of your pets or scenery or morning coffee if you don’t want to. If you would genuinely like to share a photograph of the sun setting, it’s awesome to do that. But, if you’re comfortable sharing photos of your product only. Then that can work equally  well.

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And that’s it for now! I’ve done the homework and now it’s time to implement. If you’re interested in seeing whether my Instagram account improves, you can follow along here.

Also, if you have any tips or suggestions, tell me in the comments below or by emailing me! I can’t tell you, how helpful that would be. Have a great weekend!