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We are on a boredom killing spree! And this week’s strategy is to play a chaotic fun-filled game – Home Scavenger Hunt! It’s easy. It’s quick. And it’s filled with funny moments. All the good stuff.

If you haven’t played a scavenger hunt before – It’s a game played between 2 or more people where players are given a list of items that they have to find in a restricted space and time. It can be made using a lot of themes and ideas. And is usually played outdoors.

However, in our current situation – stepping out to play a game isn’t a great idea. So, why not take the gameplay indoors?

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For this set of games, we took into account stuff that you would find in most households. And split it into 3 categories – Easy peasy, Tougher stuff and Picture Perfect. Here’s a bit about each of them:

  1. Easy Peasy as you may have guessed is simple things that are easy to find. This version works best with smaller kids. 
  2. Tougher Stuff steps it up in the difficulty department as players need to work harder and think smarter to find items that match their list.
  3. Picture Perfect is sort of midway difficulty wise and requires players to just take photos of things around the house. Without actually moving anything (Saves a lot of time clearing up later!)

So, save the images and play them anytime you want! (Don’t forget to let us know how it went, we are waiting to hear from you!)

Indoor Scavenger Hunt game for all ages | Without mess game ideas for kids | The Craftables Game ideas

Before I close this conversation, I have some suggestions for this game:

  1. There are 3 ways to play this game. First, all the players search simultaneously. Second, players go one by one and have 5 minutes each to find as many things as they can. And third, where players go individually and have as much time as they want to find every item on the list. You can play it in teams too!
  2. Depending on the age of the players, you can also give them different scavenger hunt lists! 
  3. Make it a rule that players can not share their findings with other players. If everyone shares, there are no stakes to play for!
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We hope you like the sound of our Home Scavenger Hunt! I have a Mother-Child version of it too, which we thoroughly enjoyed on Mother’s Day. Click here to follow us on Instagram and see more of our games! Have a great week ahead 🙂