mad hatter party themeWear another hat one evening! This Mad Hatter Party Theme is all about the different caps, hats and head gear we have (or don’t have) and flaunting it, without any reservations. You could wear a wig, a helmet, a top hat, anything goes. Even the Mad Hatters hats from Alice in Wonderland. That would definitely be my favorite! So, let’s see how to plan this party & what all we can do with it.

When we start planning a themed party, there are some essentials that have to be covered. We also, usually have a bunch of ideas for each of these essentials. Needless to say, we can’t implement all of them. But, we like to list them anyway, as they can always be used for the future.

Number of people: 5+

Overall Party Theme Ideas

mad hatter theme

The idea behind Mad Hatter Party theme, is to allow people to try different kinds of headgear. The odder the better. You can have anything and everything from a pirate’s hat, to a firefighter’s helmet, to a magician’s top hat, to an elaborate wig (thats technically not a hat, but it does count as headgear). The hat does not need to match the rest of your attire at all. You could wear a police cap with jeans.

The only requirement is wearing headgear of sorts.

Tip for the host: Keep a basket of assorted hats near the door. In case, you have a few guests who would like to swap their hats.


mad hatter party invitation

There’s a lot you can do with the invitations, depending on what kind of invitations you are sending out.

  • If it’s an email, you can create a magician’s hat with the details popping out. You could make the same idea for a card too.
  • You can also send cutouts of a paper crown, with the details written on them.
  • Another idea is to use clip art to design a card (like the one above)
  • For text messages, you can add quirky hat related phrases like “ Hat-trick”, “All about that Hat” or even short poems to introduce your party theme.


mad hatter party invitation

My first thought for this party theme was nachos in a sombrero (I saw this in Despicable Me 2 and could not get it out of my mind). Some other ideas, you can work with are,

  • Create a sushi boat. only you place the pieces on various hat shaped platters.
  • Mini food shaped like hats. Like waffles shaped like caps. Have hat shaped cakes, cookies or cupcakes.
  • Sandwiches cut in the shape of different hats.


mad hatter party decoration

To create the right atmosphere for a Mad Hatters Party, decor is absolutely necessary. As it ties all the elements together. Of the top of our heads (haha I couldn’t resist), we thought of these ideas:

  • Hat shaped stirrers, napkins, skewers and plates.
  • Centerpieces using upside down hats as the base.
  • You can place the food in upside down hats by placing the containers inside them.
  • Another thought are small hat shaped bowls instead of glass or plastic containers.
  • The table can also have table mats or place name holders in the shape of hats.
  • Hat shaped food identifiers.
  • Place food in various containers to create a hat shaped display.
  • Place a musician’s cap with loose change near the music.

If you would like to see a sample of anything specific, let us know in the comments and we will make it for you.

Party Favors/ Goody Bags

party goodies

Party favors are always a great idea, if you have the time to organise them. They make great memories of an eventful evening. And are always a hit with children. Some ideas are,

  • Make goody bags in the shape of hats
  • Hat Keychains/ Magnets/ Badges
  • Assorted Hats to pick from
  • Headgear/ Accessories to pick from an upturned hat.


themed party game

Lastly, it’s always fun to have themed games at a party. They get your guests enthusiastic about the theme. And are great ice breakers. Games you can play include,

  • Match the Hat to the profession
  • Passing the Hat and doing dares written in the hat
  • Playing Beer Pong using hats instead of cups
  • Model and make up a story about the hat you pick. Best Story Wins!
  • Pin the Hat on the cutout.
  • Stack as many hats as you can on your head in 60 seconds.

Let the party planning (and fun!) commence!

What would you do for a Mad Hatter Party Theme? Let us know!