Pretty in Pink customised stationeryOver the past couple of weeks, the most common question we’ve gotten is – what have you been upto? To that, our simple answer is, we’ve started taking orders for customised gifting again! And, when I say customised, I mean really customised. The kind where we take your idea and match it with actual products from scratch. For example, we recently made customised Uno game for a birthday party (watch this space for more on that). Another example is customised travel diaries. The whole process has been gruelling, but a lot of fun! On the flipside, it hasn’t left us with a lot of room for blogging. Which makes us sad, because it is the one thing we love doing above everything else. So we figured, the least we can do is show you what kind of work we have been doing. While, we work on regular content for you to see through our tutorials. Let’s get started with the basics – customised stationery!

If you’ve been following us for a while you’re quite familiar with our love for stationery. And, it’s definitely not the first time that we’ve designed our own for sale (here’s a link to that). But, this order upped the ante as we explored a few new products and made a fresh design for the client. Here’s what happened.

Personalised staionery with florals

This order request came through our Pretty in pink stationery kit. To recap, this gift idea had a whole bunch of customised stationery items such as stickers, embellishments, sharpeners, punches etc. But, it was somewhat lacking in the paper department. And by that I mean, personalised paper goods.

So for this concept, we collected 20 pieces of pink coloured regular stationery and made 10 special pieces of stationery with the customer’s name and initials. The client requested a simple floral theme with pink accents to match the rest of the set, with a cursive font. And as it was for a 30th birthday, we wanted to keep the design feminine and modern.

Notebook and notepads pink floral

The items we made included a,

1.Notebook: This was a single lined 75 page book which had her name added on the cover. Which was spiral bound, making it easy to carry around.

2. Notepad: For short notes, we made a 20 page tear off notepad with a floral watermark and her name in the corner.

personalised note cards and envelope sets

3. Notecards + envelopes: The kit also included a pack of 12 note cards and envelopes with her name on the top, as a substitute for traditional cards.

4. Monogram Stamp: It’s not the most common stationery piece to use. But, I find that having your own initials stamp is something truly special!

Customised floral folder and bookmarks

5. Paper Folder: For this kit, we swapped our regular paper folder for a cardboard one with rings. With the inside being white and the cover being a bolder version of our chosen print.

6. Bookmarks: The gift was for a fashion designer, so we made a small bookmark for her journals and added a quote to match the rest of the kit.

get a customised to do list and stickers made

7. To Do List: This is a magnetic tear off pad, that you can use for your daily listing. It has 60 pages with your name added in the quote of your choice!

8. Initials stickers: We love using stickers! So, we had to make some floral ones with Aditi’s initials in 4-5 sizes, for her to use everyday.

9. Pack of 10 Pencils: There were two options with the pencils. First, the kinds which had the full name printed at the end and the second with tiny initials stickers for the end of the pencils.

10. Sketch book: What kind of kit would it be if we didn’t include a sketch book for our fashion designer! For this book, we used 60 sheets of drawing paper, bound by a customised cover and wiro to make it personalised.

customised drawing book and pencils

Now, that you have an idea of what we made, lets talk a little bit about the store bought stationery that we included. The list is similar to the one we made for our first kit. Except we added some needles, buttons, pin cushions to match the receivers profession. And that’s something that I would recommend you try, if you’re making a customised gift set like this one – Add personalised bits of details.

To finish up, we wrapped a box with some of the same floral paper and tied gigantic bow on top. Unfortunately, that had the personal details mentioned, so we can’t share it here. But, message us and we’ll give you an idea of what it looks like 🙂

Pretty and cute, right? And it’s right in time for Valentine’s day as well!

How to make customised stationery

Before I sign off for this article, I wanted to let you know that we are going to be taking orders for customised stationery pieces like these, as a set and individual pieces. So, if you would to get some made, just drop us a message on the link below and we will make it happen.

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How do you like this floral stationery set? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments below!