Mandala Stationery Set by The Craftables | Magnetic To Do List It’s that time of the year! When all the wedding preparations, exhibitions and purchasing is in full swing. Feels surreal that I was on the other side of that conversation – planning out every detail for my wedding – only a year ago. To me, the process was  incredibly nerve wracking and exciting. I feel felt incredibly creative at the time, as there would be new things to think and design every single day. This also meant that we came up with details quite often and forgot about it, in a mad rush. So, we found it very useful to make a note of things as they came up.  Specially when you’re planning an Indian destination wedding! So when we were making our stationery designs, a couple of weeks ago – I wanted to make something ethnic and wedding related, that people could use while planning some of their special occasions. And that’s how are Mandala Stationery Set came into being 🙂

Mandala Stationery Set by The Craftables | Weekly Planner

Now I know your first question, is there a bridal wedding planner? And my answer is – I’m afraid not. As much as I had wanted to make a planner, I didn’t have enough information to make a one stop shop for brides. I feel that brides are too diverse, for a one size fit all. For example, a North indian bride will have a completely different plan as compared to a Caucasian bride. Additionally, it’s not just the bride doing the planning. Your  partner, your sister, your dad, your mum and your best friends are all going to divide and conquer the tasklist. So, till we figure out a way to give you ALL of these details, I’m going to put wedding planners on the back burner.

Mandala Stationery Set by The Craftables | Ring Folder

As I touched upon earlier, I wanted to make something traditional. Yet modern. Keeping this in mind, we whittled down our options to a mandala. For those of you that are unfamiliar with mandalas, the word mandala is the Sanskrit word for “circle”. They’re heavily used in Hinduism and Buddhism and symbolise balance and harmony. Which is perfect for Indian weddings (I may or may not have used them in my wedding as well haha!)

Mandala Stationery Set by The Craftables | Spiral Bound Notebook

Using a repeat pattern of mandalas, we made 5 products,

  • A weekly planner to keep track of the appointments, meetings and travels.
  • A Bookmark listed for a quick tasklist to carry everywhere and take notes on.
  • A notebook to write down your options, plan the programs and list the details.
  • A To do List for your daily tasks.
  • A ring folder to hold all the paperwork.

Mandala Stationery Set by The Craftables | Bookmark Listpad

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