Metal Bowl Decoration IdeaFinally got around to sharing this idea! I decorated this metal bowl, almost a week ago and I’ve been itching to share the tutorial ever since. It’s a simple idea that you can make for Mother’s Day. And, it takes about an hour. Trust me, I made it during my break from studying (I have finals starting tomorrow) while I was thinking of statistical methods of verifying research hypothesis. So, its right up easy alley. Let’s get started on our Colorblock Metal Bowl Decoration!

black metal bowl decor

Also, since I mentioned exams, I wanted to take a minute and give an update on articles for the month. Usually we post about 4-5 tutorials / articles a week. Which in the normal course of things, is fine.  But, it’s a bit more difficult with exams going on. Scratch that. It’s very difficult (it took me a week to start writing this article!). So as much as I hate doing it, we’re going to reduce the number of articles going up each week. This doesn’t mean we won’t share anything at all. It just means, we will probably share 3 articles per week, till our exams are done. I hope thats ok 🙂 (Also, wish me luck. I could really use it!). Now, lets get back to our metal bowl decor piece!

metal bowl painted

Time taken: 1 hour

Budget: Depends on how much the bowl costs


  • Metal bowl
  • Masking tape / magic tape
  • Thin paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Metallic Acrylic Paint (I used a bronze)
  • Sponge (optional)

Steps to paint a metal bowl

  1. Start by turning the bowl upside down and making markings at equal space around the base of the bowl.
  2. Take one set of markings, and draw a thin line in the middle of it, going all the way to the rim of the bowl. Here’s where using a measuring tape is very useful. You can curve the tape on the bowl and use it like a scale.
  3. Similarly use the tape to join all the three points to make a triangle. This will make it much easier to draw out the shape.
  4. Taking the measurements of the triangle, draw out 8 identical triangles. These are going to form the design on the bowl. You can draw it out directly on the bowl as well. But, this gives the design more finish.

DIY method for upcycling metal bowl

5. Using the markings, stick the triangles around the base of the bowl.

6. Once the triangles have been stuck, use them as a stencil to draw out the design.

Painting on a metal bowl

7. For the next step, cut thin strips of tape and paste them around the lines. This is a very convenient way of making sure the paint stays in straight lines.

8. Paint thick coats of metallic paint within the triangles and on the base of the bowl and let it dry.

decorative bowl

Now, you can leave the design as it is or you can add a brushstroke sort of effect on the inside of the bowl. To do this, I painted a rough layer of acrylic paint on a sponge and brushed it on the inside of the bowl. Kind of like washing utensils. You’ll probably need 2-3 layers of this to get a deep bronze colour on the inside of the bowl.

And that’s it! A pretty colorblock metal bowl decoration that your Mom will love to display!

DIY Craft idea for mother's day

Let me know what you think of this DIY Bowl Decoration Idea in the comments below! What kind of design would you make?