mikado sticks setHave you played Mikado Sticks Set before? If you have, you understand what I mean, when I say it’s surprisingly, a lot of fun. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Because, pick up sticks is a great game to play, with your friends and family. Specially, with kids (I know, because I’ve lost to my cousins many times). It’s easy to understand, fast paced and skill based. Here’s how you can make and play it.

colourful stick set

Budget: Low (non existent to be honest)

Time taken: 1.5 – 2 hours


painting the sticks

Steps to make a mikado pick up sticks set:

  1. Start by sorting the skewers into 5 sets of 1, 5, 5, 15 and 15 sticks each. We wanted to make this part easy, and opted for one colour per skewer set, with black tying the set together.
  2. Plan out the designs, you want to make on the sticks. Our sets tend to get ruined or lost easily, so we went with a minimal design of block colours and black outlines.
  3. Hold all the sticks together and mark out the sections you want to paint. Paint the outline for the section to get a similar design on all the sticks. After which, you can paint inside the outlines.
  4. After the sticks have dried, paint thin black rims on the sticks, to give them finish.

pick up sticks box

You can skip the packet and store the pick up sticks in any container. Or, you can use these steps to make a packet for them and cut out a window. After making the bag (which takes 10 minutes), you can decorate it with wash tape and a gold marker.

mikado sticks

How to play Mikado Pick Up Sticks:

Mikado has 5 kind of sticks, each worth different points. The goal, like most games is to get the most points. There are a lot of variations to the game. Here’s, how we usually play it,

  1. The sticks are mixed up and dropped by the first player, on a flat surface, which spreads the sticks out.
  2. The players need to pick up individual sticks without touching or moving the other sticks. However, you can use one of your own sticks to pick up another one.
  3. If a player touches or moves an extra stick, the turn ends and the next player starts picking sticks.
  4. The game ends, when all the sticks have been picked.

The green sticks are worth 2 points and the pink worth 3 points. The purple are for 5 points, while the yellow are for 10 points. And the last black and gold stick is worth 20 points!

colourful mikado set

Tips and tricks:

  • For the pink, green and purple sticks, dip the sticks in paint and spread the paint downwards.
  • Don’t use any water, it will soak through the stick, and spread.
  • Keep the sticks in a short container or stick them in a sponge, while they dry. This way, the sticks won’t stick to any surface.
  • If it’s inconvenient to paint, markers work just as well. We tried that out, with the gold on the black stick.

pick up sticks game

How did you like our Mikado Sticks pick up game? What colours would you use in the Mikado Set? Let us know in the comments on through any of the social media links. We love hearing your take on it.