mismatched theme partyI was going through some old birthday photographs and came across some from my 14th birthday. My mom had planned a mismatch theme party for me. And I thought, what an idea. What an absolutely amazing and fun idea! With everyone decked out in odd clothes and color exploding from every corner of the room, it was brilliant. So, we got thinking about what we had done for the day (& added some more ideas) to share with you, so that you too can plan a mismatched party!

When we start planning a party, there are some essentials that have to be covered. We also, usually have a bunch of ideas for each of these essentials. Needless to say, we can’t implement all of them. But, we like to list them anyway, as they can always be used for the future. Let’s get started with the mismatch party ideas.

Number of people: 8+

Planning the Party Theme :Though the mismatch theme sounds pretty straightforward, you can actually get very creative with the theme. Some specifications we thought of for the theme are,

  • People dressing from different eras (eg: dressing up as a Mughal emperor)
  • Clothes from across the globe
  • Dressing for both genders (have elements of clothing for both genders)
  • Dressing from two or more professions at the same time (eg: stethoscope and police badge)
  • Clothes for a different age (an adult dressing as a child or a teenager dressing as a grandparent)
  • Mismatched 2+ colors or patterns
  • Cutup Clothes (cutup and sew mismatched old clothes. eg: A tshirt with one long sleeve and one short)

We also gave out prizes for the best (or worst?) mismatched outfits for the night!

Once the overall theme has been specified, we can start planning the party!


party invitation Keeping in mind which kind of mismatch party is being planned, the invitations can be planned. Here are some ideas,

  • Multiple mismatched borders
  • A person wearing mismatched clothes standing on the side, while the details are on the right.
  • Taking squares of different prints and sticking them together to form a full card size.


mismatched party food menuThe best part about this theme is the weird combination of food you can offer. Without it making your guest unwell! Some of the things we tried were,

  • Food from different cuisines mixed up
  • Food made using elements of different cuisines
  • Assorted flavors counters for bread, cheese, desserts, salads, fruits & herbs
  • A huge drinks assembly counter for creating your own drinks
  • Boards with suggestions on each counter to experiment with different flavors.


party cutlery If you don’t have huge sets of cutlery or plates, this may be the perfect theme, as you can mix up all kinds of cutlery. You can,

  • Mix different sets
  • Use plastic, glass, metal together
  • Use disposables of different colors


mismatch party decor This is the part of the planning, where things can go innovative and fun! Of the top of our heads, we thought of these ideas:

  • Add different patterns and make a custom bunting. You can make matching mini buntings for the food and desserts too.
  • Mismatched paper napkins, straws and disposables.
  • Use different patterns and color cutouts to make place names, stirrers and skewers
  • Make center and side pieces with scraps of wrapping paper
  • Place 4-5 kinds of table sheets on top of each other for the tables
  • Use different patterns on the table mats
  • Cut patterned paper of different colors in long strips to make runners for the room

There’s really no end to what can be done with this theme. So, keep in mind,

  1. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise nothing gets emphasized.
  2. Make sure there is some underlying element that ties everything together making it look good. For example, we used thin black outlines on everything that we made.

If you would like to see a sample of anything specific, let us know in the comments and we will make and sure it for you.

Party Favors/ Goody Bags

party planning, theme idea, mismatched, DIY, decor, party favors, goody bagsAs with everything else in this theme, you can do a lot with the party favors. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a huge basket of bucket with assorted gifts packed and left. Guests can pick one up as they leave.
  • Pack the gifts in mismatched wrapping paper (easy way to use up old bits of wrapping paper honestly)
  • Buckets with different novelty items and candy
  • Assorted Candy Boxes


Games can be the life and soul of the party & we always try to play at least one game through the course of the evening. Game ideas for this theme would include,

  • Snatch the parcel: This is like Hot Potato, only with gifts.
  • Twister
  • You can have guests pick random partners at the beginning of the evening and have them play short games. This is a great ice breaker for mixed crowds.
  • Dress Up! : Create a counter of clothing and have guests wear as much as they can in 3 minutes. Person with the most ridiculous outfit/ most clothes wins.

Let the mismatch theme party planning (and fun!) commence!

What would you do for a mismatched party? Let us know your ideas below!