topshot motivatojarThis idea is probably the quickest idea we have created so far. And sometimes, its the best idea too, as it can help pick things up on an extremely crappy day. It was actually something I wish I had, while working in corporate offices. You know, you’re having a mother of a stressful day, and things are just not falling in place. Or your client is being annoying or you’re not getting the response you need from anyone. Well, to those moments I say, don’t wait for someone to help you. Help Yourself!

I know, on bad days, it just isn’t possible to make motivational messages. Instead, you may want to take out some time on a good day, and make it then.

Time needed: 5-10 mins

Budget: Non existent

Materials: Paper, Glass bowl, Scissors, Pen

motivatojar closeup


Basically, what we did was, we cut up strips of colourful paper. And wrote all sorts of encouraging and/or funny messages on them. These messages could be thoughts, past accomplishments, reminders of what you love or anything that encourages you.

notes for motivatojar

Next we started folding small triangles from one corner. Open it up, once the entire strip is folded. And it will look, a bit like an accordion. And pop the folded strips into a jar to keep on your desk.

sideshot motivatojar

Directions: Use one as needed 🙂

So, what do you think of this idea? In fact, you can make a jar for your entire team to use. Up those brownie points!

Let us know if you make this idea with the hashtag #thecraftablesproject on your social media, we want to check it out! Also, if you have tips, suggestions or comments, please make sure to share it below.