How to make Paper Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving!Ever heard the phrase, “easy as making pie”? I’ve never quite understood it. Because I don’t think there’s anything basic or easy about baking pies. I’ve burnt my fair share of them or messed them up in some way. Which shows how bad I am at making them. Or it means, my talents lie in something very different – papercrafts. So, I’m going to use the skills I do have, and use them to make my version of pies. Though that in no way implies, I wouldn’t jump at the chance of having pie, any time of the day.

Thanksgiving Paper Pie Boxes The Craftables 1

Budget: Low

Time taken: 20 minutes per slice (depends on how much you decorate it)


Steps for Pie Boxes:

Steps on how to make paper pie boxes1. Download the template attached and trace it onto a sheet of paper.

2. Next, draw out a simple pie like design on the right triangle and the adjoining rectangles.

3. Color in the design drawn. Using shades of brown with a bright color is a good idea. As the color really gets highlighted.

4. Fold in the edges.

steps on how to make paper pie boxes for thanksgiving

5. Put double sided tape on all of the flaps.

6. Fold the box in, on the sides and paste the triangle part of the box.

7. Add the gift / pie slice to the box.

8. Fold or paste the remaining edges inwards.

How to make Paper Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving!

Things to remember:

  • The box will work, only if the creases are deep and the lines pressed firmly.
  • Don’t use glue, as it is makes the box difficult to close.

paper pie boxes made using a free template

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Thanksgiving Paper Pie Boxes The Craftables 2

What do you think of our pie boxes? Isn’t this much easier than making an actual pie! What thanksgiving tradition do you follow. Let us know in the comments below or through any of the links below.