paper punch craft flowers gift wrapBy now, there are a few things I know I lean towards, while crafting. Things like florals and pinks and gift wrapping. And, today’s idea is about all of these things! We hadn’t really planned on making this a post idea. But, I’m quite happy with how quickly and easily this gift wrap was completed. So, why not share this paper punch craft of flowers with the world! Lets see if you agree with me.

flower gift wrap

Budget: Low

Time taken: 15 minutes per gift


flower paper punch


  1. In order to do this gift wrapping, you need to first punch paper flowers on a variety of colors. To give them some pop, we pasted a small stone in the centre of each flower.
  2. Next, place the punched paper flowers on the gift wrapped box and paste them using tiny amounts of glue.
  3. Draw black outlines for the flowers and small leaves with a black marker.

gift wrapping with flower paper punch

If you have a round gift, that’s not a problem, at all! You can wrap the gift up and add a layer of cellophane paper on top. Next, tie up the top with ribbon. Using the knot of the ribbon as a starting point, paste a few cutouts going downwards.

paper flower punch

Things to keep in mind:

  • Draw the black outline for the paper punched flowers before pasting them. It’s easier than drawing after pasting them.
  • Don’t use a thick black marker, it will smudge all of the paper
  • Choose a color scheme to stick too, if you’re packing multiple gifts. It does wonders for the overall effect!

paper flower punch gift wrap

Not complicated, right? But, the effect looks so pretty! Let me know, about this paper punch craft gift wrapping idea in the comments below or through any of the social media links. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.