SCRAM game ideaUnfortunately, this post isn’t about baking. But, hopefully it’s as interesting. As we mentioned earlier, we are going to try and post games every 3 weeks. For the next time, you need something quick to plan and fun to play.

All you need for this game are the letters PASTRY on single sheets. Here’s a scram letters pdf for downloads. To make them look interesting, we printed the letters on colored paper and painted the letters in gold.

PASTRY letters for SCRAM gameThe game goes like this:

  1. A moderator divides the players in groups of 4, 5 or 6 depending on the number of people playing. All the teams need to be of the same number of members.
  2. Each team is given a set of the letters. If there are 4 member teams, the word PART is to be given. If the teams have 5 members then PARTY and if it’s 6 members, PASTRY. PASTRY letters for SCRAM game
  3. The team members have to take one letter per person.
  4. Once, the teams are ready, the moderator will call out words from a list, which the members have to quickly move around to form the word called out. For example, if the word is ART, the members with the letters A,R and T have to quickly stand next to each other, with the other letters moving out of the way. The team that forms the word the fastest, wins!
  5. Change the words and play as many rounds as you like. The team with the maximum points in the end wins!

PART letters for SCRAM gameFor the moderator, a list of words that can be used are in this PDF: Scram Wordlist

This game is entertaining for adults and children alike. And chaos ensues, as people forget basic spelling in their bid to win!