pearl gift wrapIt’s the weekend! And, we’re almost done with work for the week. Last on the list of things to do is wrapping up some presents to be given over the weekend. For this gift set, we had these huge boxes to pack. Which can be as much of a pain to work with, as round gifts. Also, I didn’t feel like wrapping up the box in a pretty paper and tying a huge bow on it. So, I decided to use fake flat pearls to make a simple decorative design on the boxes instead. Trust me, it’s way easier than you would think. Continue reading to find out more about our pearl gift wrap idea.

pearl decoration box

Budget: Low

Time taken: depends on the design you’re using


  • Stick on pearls in 2 sizes
  • Plain wrapping paper
  • Scale / ruler
  • Tape
  • Pencil & eraser

steps for pearl gift wrapping

Doing this pearl gift wrap is simplicity itself! All you need to do is,

  1. Wrap up the gifts in bold colours. Most block colors match really well with pearls.
  2. Draw or trace out a simple design in the middle of the box.
  3. Variating the small and big pearls, paste over the design drawn.
  4. Rub out the lines, if any are being seen.
  5. If the space around the design is looking empty, then add a simple border to give the wrapping completion. A trick to pasting the pearls straight is to place a ruler straight and past the pearls right above it.

And that’s pretty much, all there is to it! And I, for one, think it looks great. Though, I do have some advice:

  • Avoid using papers with a print or design on them. It’ll detract from the pearls.
  • If you don’t have stick on pearls, you can use pearl embellishments and paste them with a toothpick and fabric glue.
  • Plan out the design in advance, instead of pasting it directly.

gift wrapping with pearl

pearl wrap box

What do you think of this pearl gift wrapping idea? Let me know in the comments below!