Aloha Weekly Planner | The Craftables StationeryYou and me, we’re kind of a perfect fit! Whose that person who fits into your life seamlessly? I can think of several people, from friends to family to colleagues. So, when Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s a good opportunity for me to get them something sweet. This year, we wanted to tell them how imperfectly perfect they are, through some stationery pieces named customised with their names and initials. Scroll on to see more.

Bookmark Listpad | Ai Perfect Fit | The Craftables Stationery

For this collection, we made 1 design in 3 colour sets – Ai, Amor and Aloha. Did you know all these words mean love in Japanese, Spanish and Hawaiian respectively? We loved adding this tiny little detail.

All the colour options are available in 5 products,

  1. Mini notepad (this is a new product altogether!)
  2. Bookmark Listpad
  3. Magnetic To Do List
  4. Weekly Planner
  5. Notebook

Mini Notepad | Amor Perfect Fit | The Craftables Stationery

If you like what you see, you can order them directly with us, by sending us the details on the link below! And don’t forget to ask for the kind of customisation you would like. Here are some personalisation options,

  • Add a name / phrase / initials
  • Pick a font
  • Pick different colours
  • Add a cover

And if  have something particular in mind, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

The Craftables Stationery

Magnetic To Do List | Aloha Perfect Fit | The Craftables Stationery

How do you like our Perfect Fit Valentine’s Day Stationery? And who would you get it for. Let us know in the comments below!