Handmade gift ideas for parties | Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables TutorialAs a habit, I always put my rings in the exact same place, whenever I take them off. It could be for washing dishes, putting lotion, working out, any amount of time long or short – my rings will be placed in the same spot. That way, I won’t lose them. So, I was thinking, they kind of deserves their own special tray. That’s why we made these personalised ring holders which are super easy mode, fast to execute and did I mention personalised?

Easy to make DIY kits | Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables Tutorial

You don’t have to use these dishes as ring trays necessarily. You can use them for little trinkets or pins or stationery around the house. You could also use them as candle holders (that was the original purpose of these!) They make wonderful gifts / takeaways for parties or for colleagues and friends. And you can personalise them for each and every person. Let’s see how!

Do it yourself craft idea | Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables Tutorial


  • Ikea Star Candle Holders
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paste on letters

You’ll also need an eraser, a pencil and a small ruler.

DIY craft ideas | Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables Tutorial


1.Start by deciding your message. You could add a short phrase, initials or a nickname (that’s my sisters name here). Just remember to keep it short.

2. Next draw lines for your words using a pencil and ruler. Mark out the centre of each line.

3. Count the number of letters per line, adding the space between two words as 1 character. Then taking the middle letter place it on the midpoint of the line. Keep adding letters on either side, trying to keep the gaps in between the letters even. You can also place the letters haphazardly, for a different effect.

Steps to make Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables Tutorial

4. Flip the tray and paint over the sides. I recommend using a flat brush, so you have more control and don’t go over the edges. You’ll need 2-3 coats, to completely cover the sides.

5. If you like, paint over the base of the tray to match. Let it dry.

And that’s all there is to it!  You can always write with a marker over the edges, paint within the tray and add details to personalise the tray more!

How to make Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables Tutorial

Crafted gifts with customisation | Personalised Ring Holders | The Craftables TutorialDid you like our personalised ring holders? Let us know what you would write on your tray in the comments below! Happy Crafting!