DIY PinwheelsHoli is coming up guys! It is one of our all time favorite festivals. It’s just so colourful and bright and messy. An extremely happy and fun day! And in our family, it’s quite a big deal. So, we have everything planned out. Colours check, food check, music check and decor check. This year for the decor, we made these simple pinwheels in large numbers and varied sizes, so that they can be can be kept all over the place. Also, made a few for the kids to have as keepsakes from the day.

Paper craft pinwheel

Time: 10 minutes per pinwheel to assemble

Budget: Low


  • Scale
  • Crafts knife
  • Long pins,
  • Colourful paper (This paper is made by dipping toothbrushes in paint and spraying it with your hand onto the paper.)
  • Thick double sided tape.
  • Straws

Materials used to make pinwheels


  1.  Cut out a square and draw lines joining opposite ends with a pencil.
  2.  Cut along the drawn lines till the centre. Stop when you are about a centimetre away from the central point.
  3. Add a little glue on the right corners of each triangle. Fold these corners to the middle and stick them. These need to overlap.
  4. Insert a pin through the central point where all 4 flaps meet.
  5. Put a small piece of double sided tape on one end of the straw and put a small piece of paper on top of it. This is to make sure the tape does not stick to anything, while holding the straw in place. You can also twirl some ribbon on the straw.
  6. Push the pin through the tape and slightly out of the straw. Put another piece of tape at the end, to ensure the pin doesn’t poke anyone.

how to make pinwheels

Things to remember:

  • Make sure there is a gap between the paper and the double sided tape when you insert the pin in the last step.
  • Definitely put a tape at the end of the pin, or it will poke someone.
  • Go crazy with the colours and sizes!

Pinwheels made in 5 minutes or less

What do you think of this pinwheel DIY? Do let us know below. Also, if you would like to make any special requests, message us and let us know!