DIY tutorial on how to make polygon garlands Who doesn’t love pretty garlands? They’re simple to make and look absolutely fantastic. Keeping this in mind, we set out to simple polygon garlands this weekend. To make them interesting to look at, we decided to make them in the shape of polygons.

When we say polygons, we aren’t talking about simple shapes. Think of shapes with 9 edges and 12 edges. Now, the obvious problem was, how to get it all even. Especially, without sitting with a ruler and pencil for hours and going through the painful process of detailed measurements. Here’s an easy way to do it!

Time: about 30 mins

Budget: Low


  1. Velvet/ Paper sheets(both create quite a different impact)
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread
  4. Glue
  5. Needle


  1. Decide on a basic shape. We think squares & triangles work the best, as they are even from all sides. So, we decided to go with squares first.
  2. Cut multiple cutouts of the shape from colourful sheets of paper. The trick is to measure out one square, then fold the paper multiple times below it & cut it together with a crafts knife or pair of scissors. This way all of them will be even.

step 1 in how to make polygon garlands

3. Place them in the order you like and stick them from the edge. Repeat till you have enough pieces ready.

Step 2 how to make polygon garlands

4. Spread the string on a surface. And start pasting the pieces made in a specific order. We decided to have all the orange facing downwards. The important part is the spacing. If the spacing is not even, it might end up looking a bit messy.

Step 3 how to make polygon garlands

5. Lastly, snip of the thread, while making sure there’s enough string to hang the garland. We were going for 3 strings here. With 3,4 and 5 pieces each.

square garland close up

You could also try it with triangles!

What’s different here is, three triangles are stuck one on top of the other. Which creates a 9 edged figure.

triangle polygon garland

Or maybe try it with velvet sheets. It looks quite different as velvet is thicker, and we left a little gap with sticking them onto the string. This would need 2 more steps,

6. String the needle and pierce the velvet cutouts from the center. String in the order that you want to stick the pieces.

7. Put tiny drops of glue on centers of the velvet pieces, once all of them have been strung. This is to stop them from sliding out-of-place.

triangle velvet garland

If you really want the shape to get highlighted, try sticking the garlands onto a window. The light will, shine through the paper, highlighting the many edges clearly. Like this,

what a polygon garland looks like on a window

So, try out polygon garlands for your room, for parties or if you’re just feeling crafty! And don’t forget to let us know, through social media or the comments below what you think of them. If you have made these or similar garlands, tag it #thecraftablesproject, we would love to see it!