Balloons and clouds pop up packing - The CraftablesHappy Friday! Hope your day is going as well as mine – I’ve been gift wrapping today (few things makes me happier than giving the perfect gift!). It is my nephew’s birthday this weekend, so I looked into our archive of gift wrap ideas and fished out this one! It’s a super simple 10 minute idea, and kids love it. Well adults like me love it too. Who doesn’t love pop up?!

Usually we see pop up only for wall decor or cards. And on the face of it, it seems quite difficult. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be intricate or tedious to make. Here’s an easy way you can add a pop up element to packaging.

Time taken: 10 minutes

Budget: Low


  • Multiple sheets of colored paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black/Silver/Gold marker

Materials for pop up packing - The CraftablesSteps:

  1. To start with, we planned out our colors and the design we wanted to do. For this one, we worked with clouds and balloons. We chose a basic pink for the background, a white panel, blue for the clouds and red for the balloon. You can add or subtract any number of colors to this and it will look great.
  2. The next step, is to pack up the gift with the background and the white panel. We chose a white panel, as the clouds stand out more on them.
  3. We then worked on making the cutouts for the pop ups. An easy way to do this, is to fold the paper in half and draw half a cloud on it. Then holding the paper together, cut it out. Forming a full cloud. We also used the cutouts we made the first time, to trace an make cutouts for the second layer. This way we could make different sizes and shapes for the clouds and balloons.

Step 2 in pop up packing - The Craftables4. Next we worked on the placement of the cutouts. And once this was decided, we stuck the first layer flat on the upper surface.Then, we folded the remaining cutouts into half and put a little glue on the fold. From this fold, we stuck the second cutout to the middle of the first cutout. Pressed it flat for a few seconds and then folded it upwards again. This will add the needed pop up effect.

5. Once all the cutouts had been stuck, we used a silver marker to add a few details to the scene created. This adds a finishing touch of sorts.

pop up packing - the CraftablesI also tried making butterflies (I was on a roll by the time I finished the first one)! And the difference is that instead of two layers for the pop up, I used only one layer.

Butterfly PopUp Packing - The CraftablesWhich design would you like to see with this effect? Let us know – GA