diy table matsI read somewhere that, a good meal is equal parts quality of food and presentation. And I, for one, couldn’t agree more. I love spending time buying (or painting) crockery, napkins, centrepieces and table decor, that could make a meal look fabulous. This also includes an ever growing collection of table mats. Honestly, its a personal goal of mine to have a set in every colour. So last weekend, I decided to make a printable DIY Table Mats and add a new set to my collection.

For this DIY, I was thinking greens and yellows (Hello Spring!). As, I don’t have anything in this particular combination. Also, something simple and easy. And, what’s simpler and easier than printable table mats?

Printable Table Mats

For this set, we made 4 kinds of table mats: a complete honeycomb of colours, a sort of semi honeycomb (which had more white) and 2 ombre shaded mats. The idea was to have the honeycomb on one side of the mat and a matching shaded sheet on the back. That way, you can flip the mats to create an entirely new set. Or, you can use a combination of the honeycomb and shaded sides for the table.

Colorful Printable table mats

Here are the links needed to download the DIY Table Mats and use them.

Full Honeycomb Mat

Semi Honeycomb Mat

Dark Shaded Mat (matches with the Full Honeycomb Mat)

Light Shaded Mat (matches with the Semi Honeycomb Mat)

Green and Yellow Tablet Mats

Once the front and the back of the table mats has been printed, paste them from the edges and have the sheets laminated. The lamination will protect the paper from spoiling if anything spills on top of it. Plus, it makes the mats easy to clean.

honeycomb table placemats

Things to keep in mind:

  • Print the design on A3 sized paper. The size of an A3 sheet is almost perfect for a table mat and the design has been sized to match the design.
  • The look of the mat would change depending on the quality of paper. We used thick glossy paper for this set.
  • If you’re using these mats as a one time thing, then you can avoid the lamination. The thick paper would be sufficient.

diy table placemats

Free Printable Table Mats

Did you like our printable DIY table mats? Let me know if you do or don’t in the comments below. Also, give me suggestions on designs I should make. I’ve had a blast making wrapping paper and now, table mats. So, tell me about what else would look good!