DIY 5 minute emoji diy tutorialI’m one of those people who are absolutely obsessed with emojis. Literally every text or tweet or instagram caption, will have at least one emoji. I love them so much! So when I heard they’re releasing a whole bunch of new ones, I got really really excited about all the new ones that are coming up. (There’s actually going to be a potato emoji!!) It also got me thinking about the ones I use most frequently. And, how I could make something super easy with them. That’s what lead to this set of printable emoji stationery. Check it out! 🙂

easy diy stationery printables

Today, we’re going to be making 3 types of easy stationery using printable emojis – push pins for a cork board, small magnets for a white board or fridge and U-pins for books and papers. To make it simple, I’ve adjusted the sizes of the emojis. So, you don’t need to make any adjustments and can just print them directly. Click the links given right below, to download them for free and use.

Push Pins / U-pins


How to make emoji stationery

Emoji U-pins

For this first tutorial, you’ll need some colourful U-pins, glue drops or double sided tape, a small  pair of scissors and the template given above.

Since the space is pretty small, it’s difficult to cut intricate emojis. So, I’d suggest using smiley faces.

To make the emoji pins, I printed the template on a thick piece of paper (200 GSM or above) and cut out the emojis. Then add a glue drop to the back of each emoji. And stick the U-pin from the upper edge of the pin onto the glue drop.

Handmade emoji push pins

Emoji Push Pins

These are made in the same way as the U-pins. But, with one difference – you use push pins instead of U-pins. So, I’m not going to ramble about it again 😛

My tip for making the push emoji pins is – use pins with a flat top. It will make the process easier, as the paper can sit flat on it, instead of curving on top of round push pins. It looks much neater!

quick emoji printable magnets

Emoji Magnets

I finally got to use the poo emoji for this DIY emoji stationery set. And it’s been on my white board for days! To make them, you’ll need the template given above, a pair of scissors, magnetic strip (or magnets, whichever is available) and double sided tape.

Start by printing the template on a thick sheet of paper. I used a 300 GSM glossy white sheet, so it’s pretty thick and shiny. Then, cut out the emojis and small squares of the magnetic strip. And, use small strips of double sided tape to past the magnet on the back of the emoji cutouts.

3 Easy Emoji Tutorials

DIY emoji printable magnets

What did you think of these printable emoji stationery ideas? Let me know what’s your favourite emoji in the comments below!