free printable papercraft chip chops | The CraftablesThis one brings back the childhood memories! Making Papercraft chip chops was a favourite of mine. Did you play these too? We recently thought of another way of using them – as an introduction to the family. The idea is if you would like to share more about your family or friends with someone new, you can make a personalised version of it.

How to make a papercraft chip chop with free printable | The Craftables

What do I mean by a personalised version? Let’s say, you’re having a party and a lot of people are coming over. Maybe a housewarming for the neighbours. And, you would like to give them an idea of – who all are in your family and what their major talents or characteristics are. You can make a bunch of these and place them around the house. Guests can play them and get to know your family better. That’s just one idea.  We’ve even used them during a wedding function to tell guests more about the bride and groom!

Printable Squares for making chip chops | The Craftables


  • Squares of thin paper
  • Pen
  • Layout

If you would like to use any of these three prints, let us know in the comments below or send us an email and we’ll mail you the files.

Steps to make a chipchop | The Craftables


  1. Fold the square in half horizontally.
  2. Open and fold in half vertically.
  3. Fold the corners into the centre.
  4. Flip the square and fold the corners to the centre.
  5. Fold in half and place your fingers in the four niches.

Template for writing names | Printable Papercraft Chip Chops | The Craftables

5. Follow this text layout to write out the names.
6. Fold the chip chop back as it was.
7. Repeat for as many chip chops as you like.

Family printable papercraft Chips Chops | The Craftables

To make it interesting, we usually write four numbers on the topmost layer, characteristics on the second and names on the bottommost. So, players can choose a favourite number, see which quality they’re interested in and see which family member has that quality.

printable papercraft chip chops idea for family game for parties | The Craftables

Family style printable papercraft chip chops for housewarming | The Craftables

How do you like this Papercraft Chip Chops Idea? Is it something you would use. If you do end up making them, please tag us and let us know! We would love to see it! Happy Crafting!