puns funny party coasters for drinksIf you follow us on Instagram, you know we really like our Puns! So it’s not a surprise that we made Puntastic party coasters for a cocktail party. I mean, you know the sips about to go down at a beach front cocktail! And it did! We used these coasters at the party and even had a couple of people sneak some away. That is what I call a successful idea haha! Because it worked, it’s only natural that we share it with you. 

The theme behind these party coasters was Starry Nights and we drew inspiration from Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Lyric video to plan the decor and little elements for the occasion. In fact, we made a Musical  Housie for the evening too! If you would like to see more of what we made, let us know in the comments below (Say Yes :D). Now back to the topic at hand!

How to make coasters diy tutorial printable

For this party, we made four pun based coasters – “You’re the Wine That I want”, “Chugs and Kisses”, “Sips about to go down” and “Great Minds drink alike”. And as much as I wish I had come up with these puns, I’m definitely not that good. Which is why we thank Google for the ideas!


  • PDF for Coaster
  • Thick Printer Paper
  • Edges cutter (optional)
  • Scissors

To download the file for the four coasters, click the button below.

Printable Puntastic Party Coasters! Download button

Printable Puntastic Party Coasters!


In order to make these coasters, you need to print the designs on very thick paper. We used thick paper, so it doesn’t spoil when liquids are kept on it. At the same time, we didn’t want to make them too sturdy, as they were going to be disposed after the party.  However, you can always mod podge them on cardboard or thin slices of wood, to preserve them for a longer time.

Note about the PDF: the coasters are made to a standardised size, so you don’t need to adjust it before printing. But, we would recommend printing 4 on a sheet to save paper.

We always recommend 250+ GSM Glossy paper for printing coasters and table mats.

download and print free Printable Puntastic Party Coasters!

Once the sheets have been printed, cut them out normally. If the quantity is very large, you can approach your local printer to cut it for a small price. They can also curve the edges, so they’re not too sharp.

And that’s it! Set it up nicely on the table and your coasters are on display.

DIY tutorial for Printable Puntastic Party Coasters! for free

order customised Printable Puntastic Party Coasters!

How do you like our Puntastic Party Coasters? If you use them, please don’t forget to send us a picture, we would love to see them! Just tag us on social media or use the hashtag #thecraftables, so we can have a look!