Scramble Father's Day Puzzle Printables freebiesOne of my favourite things about days celebrating parents is that it’s a reminder to you, that your mom and dad are actually pretty amazing. They may not be perfect, but they embody some of best qualities that a human can have and that’s why we strive to learn from them. So this year, we wanted to share simple printable puzzle cards that tells Papa Bears everywhere how cool they are. Plus, it’s a puzzle which is always fun to do with your dad. Let’s read on to find more, shall we? 🙂

How to make a quick father's day card using printable puzzles

For these printable puzzle cards, we made two kinds of puzzles. One is a tough one with words flowing in U’s and V’s and the other is similar to a normal word finder. However the attributes are quite similar between the two. So, you can print only one of them as well.


  • Puzzle Files
  • Coloured Paper (A4)
  • Coloured Paper (A3 of bigger)
  • A4 Printer Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Paper Clip / Double Sided Tape

We used two tones of the same colours for the A4 and A3 sheets. However, you can use any combination.

Easy Puzzle Cards for Printable Puzzle Cards for Father's Day

Tough Puzzles for for Printable Puzzle Cards for Father's Day

Answer Keys for Printable Puzzle Cards for Father's Day


  1. Download the file using the link given above. You will need at least one of the puzzles and the matching answer key.
  2. Print the puzzle on coloured paper. The background on the files is transparent, so it will print as black outlines on any coloured sheet. Print the answer key on normal paper.
  3. Place the printed puzzle on a bigger rectangle of paper and either clamp it on the top or paste it with tape.
  4. Write out a personal message on the outer portion and add some basic drawing details. We doodled a print using a thin black marker.

And that’s it! Just don’t forget to keep the answer key accessible when you give your Dad the card and your Father’s Day Printable Puzzle Cards are ready!

Do it yourself craft idea for father's day puzzle cards printable

how to diy a printable puzzle father's day card for kids

Now that I think of it, this card could actually be made in a variety of ways. You could make them for special occasions or for people (like this crossword puzzle) or for a birthday! Tell us if you would like to place an order a customised version of this card by clicking on the button below. And we can make it happen 🙂

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DIY Father's Day Puzzles Cards

How do you like these printable puzzle cards? Is this something your dad would enjoy too? Let us know if you give him this card by tagging us on social media using the tag #thecraftables. Have a great week ahead!