Pretty Printable Terrazzo Wrapping PaperI just realised that we’ve never shared anything Terrazzo on the blog. And that’s completely unacceptable! It’s so versatile and you can explore it with several colours, shapes and products. That’s why we’ve been making a couple of DIYs and order items which are inspired by these patterns. Starting with this Terrazzo wrapping paper! This is an easy mode idea and you can definitely do it on the go. Making any simple gift look all dressed up!

Download and use free Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper

Why a wrapping paper? Well, you can always use the prints for other things. The reason why we started with wrapping paper is, off late I feel like wrapping paper is getting ridiculously expensive. As someone who gets a lot of printing done, I just don’t think it’s worth the money (yes, there are exceptions) for something that is more decorative than utility. So, I wanted to share the biggest possible version of this print. To use instead.

Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper by The Craftables Easy Tutorial

For this print, we make two colour combinations – yellow/ purple and pink/ green (If you would like more options, let us know in the comments below!) Click the button below, to download it for free 🙂

download Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper

Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper by The Craftables

The great thing about this print is, you can use it as it is. Or, you could add some colour on top of it. It could be anything, a bow, a sleeve of contrasting or matching paper, some thread. It will work quite easily.

For the best results:

  • Use a thinner kind of paper, anything around 120 GSM.
  • Both matte and glossy paper works fine. But, keep in mind that glossy paper can crack when folded.
  • This design is for a full size wrapping sheet. However, it will get scaled down in proportion, if you’re printing it on a home printer. Just adjust the percentage on your print menu.

Free Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper Tutorial by The Craftables

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Easy to use Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper

Printable Terrazzo Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Which colour combination is your favourite and would you like to see more printable like these? Let me know in the comments below, which other terrazzo wrapping paper you would like to see. We will do our best to make it happen! Happy Crafting!