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Time Trap Card Game – Kiddos

15 Seconds on the clock! How many can you get right? This trivia game is a great way to teach your 5 to 8-year-olds to think fast and smart. Time Trap is a 50 card game that has questions across categories such as food, nature, animals and more. Kiddos have 15 seconds or less to answer each question. Play it time and time again, to learn and have fun! 

If you would like to customise the game, please whatsapp us on +91 9769205681, customisation charges will apply.



Contents: Rules + 50 Cards

Number of players: 1+

Age: 5-8


  1. The colours may differ slightly from what’s shown in the photo.
  2. The props used in the photos are not included with the product.

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