recycled candle holdersThis was one of those DIY ideas that we thought off randomly, and then wondered why we hadn’t done it before. Because it made absolute sense – Making candle holders using the old shape sorters, children use to learn shapes. In fact, it makes so much sense that I’m sure, it’s been done before. In many many variations. But, these recycled candle holders seemed like a quick fun idea. So, we went ahead and made them anyway. And, trust me, its easier than it looks and it looks pretty great, to start with!

DIY candle holders with building blocks

Budget: Medium

Time: 15 minutes + 15 minutes painting time for the blocks and candles


  • Shape sorter Set
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun / Glue drops
  • Long Taper Candles
  • Cutter

handmade candle holders

Prep work: This is if you’ve gotten plain candles and blocks – you want to paint each of the wooden blocks and candles before you start assembling the candle holders. We used acrylic paint directly on them, without any water. And left them to dry for about an hour before we started assembly.

Steps to make recycled candle holders

  1. Start by measuring the base of your wooden blocks and cutting a slightly smaller square of cardboard. You want to attach these to the bottom of your candle holders, so they hold the blocks and candle in place. It’ll also protect surfaces from candle wax.
  2. Next, use the cutter to flatten the base of your candle, so it sits flat against the cardboard.
  3. Place a glue drop or a lump of hot glue on the bottom of the candle and stick it in the middle of the cardboard. Hold it for a few seconds, to make sure its sticking straight.

building blocks candle holders

4. After the candle has been placed, stack the blocks in the colours and shapes of your choice. We tried it in a whole bunch of ways (all the photos have a different design) and it’s hard to pick my favourite. So, definitely try out different styles, before making a decision.
5. Once you’ve chosen your design, add a thin line of hot glue around the edge of your cardboard and place the bottom layer.
6. Next, as per your design, add small dots of glue on the bottom most block and place the next one on top of it. Similarly, stack all the blocks to complete.

Repeat the steps for as many recycled candle holders, as you like 🙂

Easy to make colourful candle stands

Things to remember:

  • Make the cardboard square smaller than your block, so it does’t peak out from the side of the candle holder. Or, you can paint the cardboard as well, so it matches the base of your candle holder.
  • The cardboard can also be changed in the future, if it spoils. Which is an easy way to replace the candle.
  • Make sure to press down each block, so it flattens out the glue completely. The reason why we stick the blocks is to make sure, you dont accidentally move the candle when it’s light. Which can happen, if the blocks are moving.

This also gave me a great idea for the base of the blocks. Watch this space, for when I add that!

DIY candle holders tutorial

Building blocks candle holders blue and red

How do you like these shape sorter recycled candle holders? Pretty cute, right! Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. Have a great week ahead!