selfie scavenger huntI never thought I would see the day when we would make a game about selfies. Making duck faces at a camera and taking 20 photos while making faces, just doesn’t work for me. So when we got the request to make a selfies related game, I sighed, made said funny face, thought about it twice and finally asked my mother to look for a way, to make selfies interesting. Lucky for me, my mom never disappoints when it comes to a challenge. And she did it! We made a selfie scavenger hunt, that was a ton of fun to play. Even I, selfie hater that I am, had a blast! Therefore, it would be quite sad if we didn’t share the selfie  game with you. Here are all the details.

selfie game checklist

Materials for Selfie Scavenger Hunt: All you need for this game is a printout of the selfie scavenger hunt checklist.

Click here to download the checklist template.

You can also let us know what you would like included on the list and we can update and send the same to you!

printable selfie scavenger hunt game idea

The Rules for Selfie Scavenger Hunt: The rules for the game is simple,

  1. Use your imagination. Pouts and simple poses aren’t going to cut it. Make it innovative and make it quirky.
  2. Get as many photos as possible.
  3. You have to have all photos on your phone.
  4. No sharing photos between players.
  5. And lastly, you need to be in every photo. It’s a selfie scavenger hunt after all.

free party game idea with photos

To Win: There are three ways, the host can give prizes:

  • The most interesting photos
  • The most photos, numbers wise
  • A combination of both numbers and concepts

I suggest going for a combo of numbers and creativity, to get your players grey cells going!

Printable Selfie Game for parties

How to Play Selfie Scavenger Hunt: For this game, we recommend having 6 players at least. If the number of contestants is low, you would not see too much activity, which takes away from the fun of the game.

Once the numbers of players is finalised, you can use the template given above, and print as many copies of the checklist as needed.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

The last thing to do is give your players a start time and a deadline. Making sure, they get enough time to get the photos needed. But not so much time that it becomes boring. We usually suggest an hour, if the game is being played at one time. Or if the players are around for a longer time, give them a day. That way they can go about their day normally, while playing the game.

As the deadline approaches, ask the players to write their names on their checklists and hand them in. With the checklist, they can also send you their selfies. So, you can go through all of them and pick your favourites.

DIY Selfie Game

And that’s how it’s done! A selfie scavenger hunt, that’s easy to put together and fun to play. What do you think of this game? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if this is something you’ve played, send us your ideas on what should be on the list!