Sharpie set for your deskI truly believe that one of the most important things to be happy and productive is to have a great environment around you. Attractive workspaces, exude an energy that pulls you towards them and make you want to work. So, it’s always a great idea to take some time out and add to your work space.  At the same time, it is equally understandable that many times, a person is not going to have the time or the energy to work on complicated projects. In such a situation, why not start with the basics?

We started with the stationery you find on any desk and gilded it up. It’s not difficult to execute and does not take time. Which are two extremely important factors in my mind!

Budget: Low

Time: about 5 minutes per item (so around 25 minutes total)


  • Gold pen/ sharpie
  • coloured paper
  • post its
  • board pins/ tack pins
  • paper clips
  • staples

Materials for sharpie set

Steps: There are no specific steps to follow for stationery. As you can pick and choose what you would like to have. Here’s what we did,

Paper clips: Taking the gold pen, we either colored the whole or part of some ordinary paper clips. We had thought of using paint, but that doesnt really work as the sides of the clip will stick to each other and the paint will tear off when the clip is used.

sharpied paper clips

Staples: This is probably the easiest hack of them all! I don’t know about you, but I hate the silvery grey color of normal staples. It just seems very boring to me. So, like the paper clips, we used a gold pen and colored them up.

staples sharpied up

Board Pins/Tack Pins: A cute and simple detail is to add designs to your tack pins. There’s a lot you can do with these pins. But, since we are sticking to a gold and simple theme here, we just did a few random patterns on the tack pins. The important bit when using these, is that the gold will definitely smear. So, keep the design very basic.

tack pins sharpied up

Post Its: This is something I’ve seen very often on Pinterest and so I had to try it out. All you do, is shade the side of a post it with the gold pen. You hold the post its firmly and just color from the sides. This gives a slight tint to the post its.

post its sharpied up

Notepad: Lastly, I covered up my notepad with leftover wrapping paper which has a gold design on it. Because I was in a hurry (nothing new to me), its edges are not very even. But, I will be making a tutorial on how to cover books neatly and easily. So, watch this space for that!

covered up notepad

How do you like these hacks? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have some amazing hacks that you use, share them with us!