Gift wrapped starry nights paper - The CraftablesThis is one of the oldest tricks in the massive book of DIY hacks and it looks even better as wrapping paper. It’s quick to make, inexpensive and looks pretty good. The story behind why we pulled this rabbit out of the craft hat, begins and starts with my cousin, and his 26th birthday.

We were traveling to Delhi and wanted to give him something handmade, as he lives abroad and is hardly ever here on occasions. Unfortunately, it is difficult to carry bulky gifts (baggage limits in India are stringent, to say the least) and we didn’t want to give a garden variety gift. Giving  gifts without putting in any thought, is a waste of money in my opinion. 

So, we started with personalizing the gifts. But, that’s a post for another day. Today, we want to talk about the gift wrap we did for the gift. As the idea is simplicity itself and looks great!

Gift wrap with starry nights paper - The CraftablesBudget: Low for the paper (not so much for the contents)

Time taken: 5 minutes to make the sheets, 20-30 minutes to pack it all up


  • White/Silver paint
  • Black Paper
  • Silver, blue and black embellishments (optional)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver Paper (optional)

Materials needed for starry nights paper - The CraftablesSteps:

This paper is actually made, using an age old method – Dipping an old toothbrush in paint and spraying it across black sheets. Here, are some things to keep in mind,

  1. Don’t make the paint too watery, or it will form blobs on the paper.
  2. The distance from you spray the paint on the toothbrush matters! The closer you spray, the more they look like paint splatters & less like stars.
  3. Silver paint is shinier, but white paint stands out more.

Starry Nights Paper - The CraftablesFollowing which, we used a few ribbons, some silver wire, tape and scissors to pack up the gifts using this paper.

Packed gifts with starry nights paper - The CraftablesAnd that’s about it for this DIY! Let us know, if you use toothbrushes to paint and show us your work, we would love to see – DA